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Fit&Me Bodyweight Trainer Suspension Straps

Some call it inner strength and confidence. Others – healthy lifestyle. We call it the Fit&Me Bodyweight Trainer Suspension System – the one and only workout tool that can be used by anyone, in any environment and always brings sensational results. The Fit&Me Bodyweight Trainer Suspension System has been developed by experienced personal trainers so that it’s durable, effective, and affordable. And the best part about it? Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced when it comes to fitness, it’s all you need for a great, full body workout.

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Thousands of health-conscious clients have loved the Fit&Me Bodyweight Trainer Suspension System!

“If you think the price is great the quality is even better. Our Parkinson’s Wellness Center uses them everyday. The handles are soft and the straps are thick. I will never buy another brand of suspension trainer again.”

-Chad M.

“These weight training straps are perfect! With my frequent travel not all gyms are created equal. Being able to throw these in my suitcase allows me to get a total body workout anywhere I go. Very easy to use and I feel safe using them. Comfortable and secure.”

-Lauren B.

“This product is awesome. Built very strong, sturdy and well designed.Very high quality product. I really like how it works and it was easy to attach to my weight rack. The handles are really comfortable. The straps are thick and inspire confidence, which is really important for bigger guys. The adjustment straps to change the length lock in tight… I would highly recommend it!”

-Kaye P.

The bodyweight suspension system is usually among the most used equipment in any fitness center. And for a good reason: it lets you strengthen your whole body through fairly simple exercises. Training on such systems gives you stronger core and limbs; improves balance and coordination; gives certain elegance and grace to the body because it exercises all muscle groups.

Unfortunately, you can’t always go to the gym. Or maybe you don’t like gyms at all. Does this mean you have to give up on the amazing benefits that bodyweight suspension systems offer? Of course not! With the Fit&Me Bodyweight Trainer Suspension Straps you can have your cake and eat it too.

We Love Adventurers

If you’re a frequent traveler, have a home gym or like outdoors adventures, you will love the Fit&Me Bodyweight Trainer Suspension System. With it, you can train anywhere, anytime – at home or at the garage; in the park or in the hotel while you’re traveling. It can easily be hooked on different anchor points such as trees, bars, and playground equipment; and it comes with a special attachment system for doors.

Fit&Me Bodyweight Trainer Suspension System

Just As Good As The One At The Gym – But Way More Affordable

This Fit&Me product is made from top quality materials using the latest technologies in the industry. The straps are sturdy and durable, and allow you to achieve amazing results by using your body weight to the maximum. Unlike the bodyweight suspension system that you probably use at the gym though, it costs less than $40. Now there’s a deal you can’t afford to miss out on!

Fit&Me Bodyweight Trainer Suspension Straps

Comfort Matters

When you’re working out, you want to be comfortable. The Fit&Me Bodyweight Trainer Suspension System is designed with you in mind. The foam cushion handles are extremely soft and comfy and allow a good grip; the foot loops are large, padded and easy to use; the straps are thick and durable, which means you can rely on them to support you throughout various exercises; the adjustment buckles are also easy to use and tight.

Fit&Me Bodyweight Trainer Suspension System

Full Body Workouts Included

If you don’t know what to do with a quality bodyweight suspension system, to you it could look like just a pile of straps and belts – but it’s so much more than that! To ensure you make the best of the Fit&Me Bodyweight Trainer Suspension Straps, we include full body workouts relevant to your level in the package. Unlike other bodyweight suspension systems that just come with exercises, what we’ve done is create programs customized to you that guarantee results almost as if you’re using an actual personal trainer.

Fit&Me Bodyweight Trainer Suspension System

We do what we do because we care for you!

Fit&Me is the real deal. We are a team of devoted personal trainers with years of experience. During our personal training careers, we’ve seen it all and have worked with all kinds of people who had all kinds of goals. Unfortunately, there wasn’t great fitness gear to match each and every one of those different needs. So we thought ‘Hey, we could create great fitness gear!’

Whether you realize it or not, physical health is extremely important! Your body is literally where you live as a spirit and mind and if it’s not the best it can be, how can you be the best you can be? This is why we don’t just create amazing fitness equipment, but we also strive to empower people through teaching them how to make the most of it and enjoy the process.

“I bought this because I have been training with a TRX at my gym and wanted one that I could use at home. I specifically wanted one that would latch over a door. It works great! It is just as good as the TRX and costs much less!”

-Tara L.

“This training suspension kit is great! It is compact, lightweight and easy to carry. It holds a lot of weight and the nylon straps are very well made. I have attached this to my door with the hardware that it comes with and I have no problems so far. It also comes with 3 workouts that you can do. This suspension trainer gives me a full body workout with the weight of my own body.”

-Maria R.

“I purchased this for my husband and I, we have been using it like crazy since we received it. You can do many different exercises with this system. I love how light it is, not bulky at all. Very well made and I can see this lasting us for quite a long while. I like that it comes with different exercises for us both to do.”

-Stephanie M.

Use Your Bodyweight To Your Benefit!

Whether you want to lose weight or get even fitter, your bodyweight and the amazing Fit&Me Bodyweight Trainer Suspension System is all you need to succeed.

Take the next step. Be stronger, be healthier. You can!

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