Best Basketball Shoes of 2024 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Basketball is truly a great sport to play and there is no doubt about that. It comes with many different benefits for your mind and body, benefits which you definitely should not pass up on. If you have never tried playing basketball before, you should give it a try because you have no idea the fun you are missing. Also, if you do already play basketball, you know just how rewarding it can be.

Either way, when it comes to the awesome game of basketball, you need a good pair of shoes, which is why we are here today. We’re going to help you find the best basketball shoes out there for the most reasonable price. Let’s talk about why you should play basketball, what to look for when buying basketball shoes, and let’s look at some of the best basketball shoe choices out on the market at this very moment.

Summary: The Best Basketball Shoes

Why Play Basketball?

There are many reasons why you should play basketball, all of which make you a healthier person. If you want a comprehensive list of the benefits of basketball, you can always read our benefits of basketball article, but just to give you a rough idea, let’s talk about some of the best basketball benefits very briefly. On a side note, if you are having trouble finding good equipment, we also recently released an article on finding the best outdoor basketball too.

Tips, Skills, and Drills: Attacking the Basket

Benefit #1: Cardio

Basketball is a great sport because it will go a very long way in conditioning your cardiovascular fitness. This is a sport that involves a lot of running and quick movements, all of which force your heart to beat at an increased rate. The result is the strengthening of your heart and an increase in its efficiency. A stronger heart helps to increase physical performance, lower bad cholesterol, lower your resting heart rate and blood pressure, and it helps to prevent numerous heart-related diseases and heart attacks too.

Benefit #2: VO2 Max

Yet another thing that benefits from some games of basketball is the health of your lungs and their overall ability to process oxygen. Just like basketball increases the strength and efficiency of your heart, it does the same for your lungs. Over time, basketball will cause your lungs to grow more efficient and thus they can process oxygen better and more easily distribute it throughout your body. The result is that you will get winded less often, that your muscles can work harder and for longer thanks to an increased oxygen supply, and it helps prevent breathing related illnesses too.

Benefit #3: Muscle Strengthening

Basketball may not be as great for strengthening your muscles as traditional weight training routines, but it is still better than nothing. When it comes to basketball, you use your legs all of the time to run, jump, and get past opponents, you engage your core when you jump and shoot, and you engage your arms and shoulders when you pass, catch, and shoot the ball. The final result of all of these actions is the increased strength and tone of your muscles.

Benefit #4: Teamwork

Teamwork is definitely a valuable part of life and is pretty much essential for success when it comes to any aspect of your life. Well, you aren’t going to win a game of basketball on your own, therefore requiring a whole lot of teamwork. Learning to work with others will take you a really long way in life, both on and off the basketball court.

Benefit #5: Better Endurance

Another way in which you will benefit from the game of basketball is increased endurance. Having stronger muscles makes it easier to perform physical activities, both on the court and in your everyday life. Moreover, your lungs process and distribute more of the oxygen your muscles need to work harder and longer, and your heart is more efficient at pumping blood, oxygen, and nutrients throughout your body. The result of all of this is increased endurance, stamina, and an overall increased ability to exercise for longer periods of time.

Benefit #6: Better Balance & Coordination

The next thing that will benefit you thanks to the game of basketball is an increased ability to balance and coordinate movements. Your balance and coordination improve just like muscle strength and cardio health, which means that the more you challenge them, the better they will get. Basketball requires a lot of quick movements, positional shifts, and jumping and landing, all of which challenge your balance and therefore improve it. The same thing can be said for your coordination, which will improve over time thanks to having to make accurate passes, catches, and shots.

What To Look For When Buying Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes are always going to have some features which make them ideal for the game of basketball. This means that on average, a pair of basketball shoes is going to be fairly costly, at least more so than a normal pair of walking shoes. Therefore, so you don’t waste a bunch of money on inadequate basketball shoes, there are a few key features which you need to look out for before buying any pair.

Outer Sole – Traction

One of the most important things to look out for before buying a pair of basketball shoes is how the sole is. The basketball court can get pretty slippery and it is definitely smooth, so you need a pair of shoes that have a good outer sole pattern that will provide you with great traction. Not only do you need that traction to prevent slipping, you also need it in order to maneuver well. How well you can maneuver and get the ball past your opponent will depend on how much traction your shoes can provide for you.

Impact Absorption & Energy Transfer

Another very important thing that each and every pair of basketball shoes needs to be able to do is to absorb impact. Basketball involves a whole lot of jumping and running, or in other words, it is a high-impact sport that will deliver a lot of shock and impact to your feet and throughout your legs. If not properly compensated for, those constant impacts can become very painful.

Therefore, you need a pair of shoes that have an unmatched ability to absorb the impact that would otherwise be transferred to your feet. Just as important as that is being able to harness that energy and transfer it into takeoff energy. This will allow you to run faster, jump higher, and be more successful at any game of basketball you play.

Support – Arch, Heel, and Ankle

Yet another important aspect of any good pair of basketball shoes is how well they support your feet. Since this is a sport that involves a lot of heavy and harsh landings, your feet need to be well supported and cushioned. The basketball shoes you get need to be ergonomically designed to support the natural shape of your feet. This means that they should ideally have some kind of heel support mechanism like a heel cup to keep your heel in place, they need to have superior arch support, and they need to have ankle support too.

When it comes to basketball, good ankle support is vital for preventing rolled ankles when you land weird from a jump. Moreover, the basketball shoes you get do also need to have a decent amount of padding to keep your feet comfortable and pain free for the duration of a whole basketball game.

Lightweight & Breathability

Another important thing to think about when buying basketball shoes is how light they are. You definitely do not want heavy shoes because that will cause you to fatigue long before the game of basketball is done. Also, you want a pair of basketball shoes that is breathable because your feet need ventilation and you definitely don’t want them getting all hot and sweaty. Both of these requirements can be met with one great feature, and that is a mesh design that allows for good air flow.

Snug Fit – Stability

The final thing you should look out for is a snuggly fitting basketball shoe. You don’t want them moving around very much while you wear them because that can cause injury and slow you down too. A shoe that fits really well, like a glove, and provides you with multi-directional support for ultimate comfort and stability is necessary for basketball.

Basketball Shoes Reviews

Our Rating

This is without a doubt one of the very best basketball shoe options out there. It has been specifically designed with basketball players in mind and has many features which will help you play much better than ever before, not to mention keep you extremely comfortable as well.


One of the features that make the Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 7 Basketball Shoes so great for this game is because they feature a specially designed mesh upper. The mesh upper is made to provide your feet with great ventilation so they don’t get too hot, something which nobody wants to deal with.

At the same time, the mesh upper is designed with synthetic overlays to provide your feet with strategic multidirectional support from the top and sides, something which helps support your feet from all directions in order to keep them stable and comfortable.

Another thing that you will really appreciate about these shoes is that the synthetic mesh overlay is not the only thing that helps support your feet. These shoes also have great arch and heel support to enforce your natural foot position, to keep your arches from bottoming out, and to keep your feet pain free for as long as you play basketball.

The collar of these shoes is also specially designed to provide a high level of support to your ankles. This is great because basketball players are prone to twisting ankles when coming down from a high jump, something which the collar on these shoes helps to prevent. The collar is also made to fit with special leg braces, something you may be familiar with if you are an avid basketball playing machine.

Yet another thing that makes these shoes superior for any game of basketball is the advanced bounce feature which they have. The specially designed inner and outer sole absorbs impact that you take with every step and jump landed. This is then transferred into energy which the shoes can store for a short period of time, and then release it when you step, run, and jump. In other words, these things can literally help improve your performance by providing you with an energy extra boost with each motion you make.

Finally, these particular basketball shoes also have a fantastic outer sole, one which is very durable and won’t make scuff marks on the ground either. These things also have superior traction so you can turn on a dime and get past opponents without having to worry about slipping and falling.

Value for money

The Adidas Men’s Performance D Rose 7 Basketball Shoes are going to cost you around 140 dollars. This is not very much to be paying for such a fantastic pair of basketball shoes. 140 bucks is definitely worthwhile when you consider the advanced level of support, stability, and breathability that these shoes provide. High energy return, lightweight, and a comfortable design all make these a valuable choice of basketball shoes without a doubt.

Build quality

We can’t argue anything when it comes to the build quality of these shoes. They are made with very rugged materials, they have a strong outer sole that is scuff free and helps provide you with some extra bounce, they offer optimal support and jumping capabilities, and they are lightweight and breathable too. There is also the fact that these shoes simply look stunning, all things which provide you with a quality basketball shoe.


  • Great energy transfer and return
  • Good amount of cushioning, support, and stability
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Good outer sole with great traction
  • Multi-directional upper support
  • Collar designed to work with a brace
  • Look fantastic


  • Toe box is slightly narrow

Our Rating

You really can’t go wrong with the Nike Men’s Hyperdunk 2016 Basketball shoe. These shoes are specially engineered to provide you with superior traction, stability, all around support, and for ultimate energy transfer. For the price that these shoes come in at, you would definitely be hard pressed to find a better and more comfortable pair of basketball shoes.


Perhaps one of the best aspects of these Nike Hyperdunk Basketball Shoes is that they feature Zoom air units in the heel and forefoot for ultimate responsiveness. These air units help to absorb the shock and impact that your feet would otherwise absorb with each step, something that can end up being fairly painful. Moreover, the air units then take that absorbed energy, turn it around into takeoff energy, and thus help you run faster and jump higher, which is of course invaluable when it comes to winning a game of basketball.

Next, these basketball shoes also do a fantastic job at offering you more support and cushioning than ever. These things have Phylon injected midsoles which help to provide you with a soft and pain free layer of cushioning to run on. Plus, the injected midsoles also help to provide you with underfoot support so that your soles and mainly your arches don’t start to hurt after just a few minutes.

Speaking of good support, these Nike basketball shoes also feature supportive mid-top collars. This helps to support your ankles, keep them in their proper place, and prevent you from rolling your ankle too.

These shoes also feature patented Flywire cables throughout them in order to provide you with a snug fit, stability, and multi-directional support too. This pair of basketball shoes fits your feet like a glove fits a hand. Plus, these things have a mesh upper design, something that is great for letting your feet get some air and for preventing stinky and sweaty feet.

Finally, the rubber sole on these basketball shoes is extremely tough, won’t wear down anytime soon, and they won’t scuff up the floor either. Moreover, these things also feature a special herringbone pattern on the outsoles, which is in all reality one of the best patterns a sole can have for providing traction and turn on a dime capabilities.

Value for money

The Nike Men's Hyperdunk 2016 Basketball Shoes are going to cost you close to 160 dollars, making them some of the more expensive basketball shoe options on this list. However, even though they are somewhat pricey, they do have many different features which go a really long way in supporting your feet from all directions, providing stability, transferring impact energy into takeoff energy, keeping you comfortable, and to provide good traction as well.

Build quality

Every last single feature of these basketball shoes screams quality. They are made with some of the toughest materials around to provide you with longevity that you have come to expect from a basketball shoe. Moreover, these things have many features that provide you with a snug fit, a cloud like running experience, and ultimate support too. Finding a better pair of basketball shoes is going to be nearly impossible!


  • Great traction
  • Durable rubber outer sole
  • Won’t scuff the ground
  • Very snug fit for stability
  • Great arch and heel support
  • Well-padded for comfort
  • Superior energy transfer for higher jumping and faster running
  • Mesh design for lightweight and breathability


  • Quite expensive
  • Rigid ankle – may need some breaking in

Our Rating

When it comes to basketball shoes, the Nike Men’s Lebron XIII Basketball shoes is a pair that you really can’t go wrong with. Designed to offer you with maximum explosiveness, superior comfort, and awesome traction, these shoes will definitely not disappoint when it comes to your next big game.


These shoes are definitely designed for basketball, there is just no denying that. These things have several features located in the heels, the midfoot, and the rest of the shoes which help to increase your explosiveness. Everything about the Nike Men’s Lebron XIII Basketball shoe is designed to absorb the impact that you take with each step and jump to keep your feet as comfortable as can be.

Moreover, the impact absorption also helps to trap energy, harness it, and release it when you jump and take off with each step. At the end of the day, this means that these particular basketball shoes help you run faster and jump higher too.

These basketball shoes also have a great outer sole. Not only does the sole have features which help to improve explosiveness and take off, but they also have a great pattern. The pattern which the outer soles feature is specially designed to provide you with as much traction as possible on the basketball court, which means that evading opponents and getting past them is easier than ever. There is also the fact that that the material which the soles are made of is extremely durable.

These shoes are also designed to be ergonomically friendly and hug your feet for comfort. These things have all around fantastic arch, heel, and forefoot support which helps to reinforce the natural shape of your feet, support them from the bottom, prevent pain, and keep you comfortable for as long as you play.

There is also the fact that these things have superior underfoot padding to make it feel as though you are running on a cloud. Moreover, these basketball shoes also have a high collar with good ankle support to provide you with ultimate stability and to help prevent rolled ankles.

Finally, the Nike Men’s Lebron XIII Basketball Shoes are also made out of mesh and feature a mesh upper. This helps to keep these shoes lightweight for easy jumping, and it also helps make them breathable to keep your feet cool, sweat free, and stink free too. On a side note, the mesh upper is reinforced with Flywire cables which are designed to provide your feet with multidirectional support for a snug fit and ultimate stability.

Value for money

These shoes are going to cost you around 120 dollars, which is not very expensive considering how well made they are. The various features which help to provide you with stability, a snug fit, cushioning, explosiveness, and great traction are things which make this a very valuable pair of shoes without a shadow of a doubt.

Build quality

There is no arguing that this particular pair of basketball shoes has superior quality. They are specifically designed to provide you with maximum explosiveness, they are built with some of the toughest materials around, they have awesome support and stability, and they are some of the most comfortable basketball shoes around.


  • Great explosiveness
  • Good traction
  • Lots of support and stability
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Ergonomically designed
  • High collar for ankle protection


  • Make loud squeaking noises
  • Fit slightly small

Our Rating

These are not just any basketball shoes, they are some of the best ones out there by far. These things have several features such as an advanced cushioning system, great support, and breathable qualities which make them extremely ideal for any game of basketball. These are some phenomenal basketball shoes that come in at a fantastic price.


One of the things that make the Under Armour Men’s UA ClutchFit Drive 3 Basketball Shoes so ideal for basketball is because they provide you with superior all around support which keeps your feet comfortable and pain free for hours on end. They feature an advanced Achilles pillow which serves to provide you with ultimate padding, comfort, and stability around and under the heel, something which comes in handy for providing you with a stable jumping platform, keeps your heels comfortable, and helps to prevent rolled ankles too.

Moreover, the external heel counter and the internal shanks help to provide more support and stability than ever. These things help keep your feet snuggly in place and help to reinforce the natural shape of your feet for long lasting comfort. Even better is the updated ClutchFit technology that helps to provide multi-directional support for your feet from all directions, which helps provide more comfort and stability than ever. These shoes also feature great arch support to support the natural shape of your feet.

The ClutchFit technology also helps to keep your feet snuggly in place, not to mention that it has been specially designed to be breathable and lightweight. These shoes don’t feel like heavy bricks and they won’t make your feet feel too hot either.

The ClutchFit technology stretches and moves with your feet to provide you with an unobstructed basketball experience. There is also the fact that these particular basketball shoes help to absorb the impact you take with each step and jump, and then transfer that impact into takeoff energy for faster running and superior jumping. If you were worried about traction, that is not an issue either, because these shoes come with an advanced outer sole that provides you with superior opponent cutting traction.

These basketball shoes also feature a special innovative bear trap lacing system that connects directly to the tongue for a tighter fit and better support than ever before. Finally, these shoes also come with a die cut anti-microbial OrthoLite sock liner that molds to the shape of your feet for a better fit than you have ever experienced. Moreover, this sock liner also helps to keep your feet stink free, blister free, and very comfortable too.

Value for money

The Under Armour Men’s UA ClutchFit Drive 3 Basketball Shoes come in at around 120 dollars, which is not very much to be paying for such a comfortable pair of shoes. These things have various awesome features to help support your feet, keep them well padded, keep them cool and comfortable, and they have great traction too. Value is not an issue when it comes to this pair of basketball shoes.

Build quality

We don’t really have anything bad to say about the build quality of the Under Armour Men’s UA ClutchFit Drive 3 Basketball Shoes. They are made with superiorly tough materials that will last you for years to come, plus they help provide you with an unrivaled level of cushioning, support, bounce back ability, and traction too. The build quality of these shoes is just awesome.


  • Great bounce back capabilities
  • Good impact absorption
  • Great ankle, heel, arch, and multi-directional support
  • They move with the shape and motion of your feet
  • Superior traction
  • Anti-microbial liner for clean and sweat free feet
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Special bear trap lace design for a snug fit


  • Slightly narrow toe box

Our Rating

The Adidas Performance Men’s Light Em Up 2 Basketball Shoes definitely make for a fantastic all round choice. These things are made with superior traction, great bounce back, and ultimate comfort for the best basketball experience you will ever have.


One of the things that we really like about these particular basketball shoes is that they feature specialized BOUNCE technology which is combined with a superior rubber sole. This BOUNCE technology helps to keep too much impact from running and jumping from affecting your feet.

Instead of hurting your feet, every step and jump you take provides energy, energy which these specialized shoes transfer back into takeoff energy in order to help you jump higher, run faster, and increase your stride length too. The superior rubber sole also helps to absorb impact and provide bounce, while at the same time ensuring that you won’t scuff up any floor either.

Moreover, these shoes also have fairly good arch and heel support to keep your feet comfortable and pain free, something which you definitely need if you are going to be running up and down a basketball court for an hour or more at a time. Also, these shoes feature a fairly high collar which is ideal for supporting your ankle and enforcing your natural range of motion.

Furthermore, these particular basketball shoes also feature a comfortable EVA sock liner. It helps to provide a nice soft layer between your feet and the rest of the shoe, plus it also helps to wick away moisture and keep bacteria at bay, things which are necessary when playing a hot and sweaty game of hoops.

Something else that helps keep your feet comfortable and cool during your game of basketball is the engineered mesh upper of the Adidas Performance Men’s Light Em Up 2 Basketball Shoes. This mesh upper helps ensure proper breathability and airflow so your feet don’t get too hot and sweaty after just a few minutes, something which is also useful for preventing blisters and skin irritation. This actually helps to keep them lightweight too, so you can focus on the game at hand without your feet getting tired.

Perhaps one of the best parts about these basketball shoes is that they provide you with some of the best traction you have ever experienced. These things have such good traction that you will be cutting your opponents all day long without any trouble at all. Slipping and falling on a slippery basketball court is not an issue with these shoes.

Value for money

A size 11 of these shoes is going to cost you around 60 dollars. The Adidas Performance Men’s Light Em Up 2 Basketball shoes really do have an amazing value for their price. When you consider their advanced traction, EVA sock liner, their mesh upper, great support and stability, and their integrated BOUNCE technology, you really couldn’t ask for any more value.

Build quality

The build quality of these shoes is simply outstanding. They are made with very durable materials, the lightweight mesh design makes them feel like you’re walking on a cloud, the advanced support system keeps your feet pain free, the BOUNCE technology lets you perform better, and much more too, all things which make these basketball shoes a quality find indeed.


  • Fantastic traction
  • Energy transfer for better jumps and takeoffs
  • Great support
  • Non-scuffing outer sole
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Very affordable
  • EVA sock liner for comfort and moisture wicking


  • Not too much forefoot cushioning


When it comes down to it, any pair of basketball shoes needs to be well cushioned, provide you with good support from all angles, keep your arches comfortable and your ankles safe, and they need to be able to transfer impact energy into takeoff energy. As long as you pay attention to those features you will have nothing to worry about. If you need a new pair of basketball shoes, the above choices are definitely the best basketball shoes by far, especially considering their prices.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about buying basketball shoes, or maybe about a specific pair we mentioned, always feel free to let us know and we will address you as soon as we can!