Best Pilates Reformers of 2024 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

If you didn’t already know, Pilates is a fantastic type of physical exercise that combines various aspects of weight training, resistance training, and flexibility training through a variety of poses and motions. It really is a great way to get into shape, get stronger, more agile, and more flexible too. However, there is more to it than just that. You may think that some of those Pilates motions and poses are really hard to execute, which is why you need a great piece of equipment to train and hone your Pilates skills.

The piece of equipment we are talking about is the Pilates reformer, a home gym tool specifically designed to train all of your skills that are relevant to being successful at Pilates. Of course, you want the best Pilates reformer that money can buy, not just any cheap old hunk of equipment, and that is why we are here today. We’ve got a list of things that you should look out for before you make your purchase of any Pilates reformer, plus we also have a list of the top 5 options that are available for you today.

Summary: The Best Pilates Reformers

What Is A Pilates Reformer?

If you were wondering what a Pilates reformer is, it is a device that allows you to perform various Pilates exercises in one place. It is a piece of exercise equipment meant to imitate Pilates exercises, while also adding various strength training and cardiovascular training functions. Pilates reformers use resistance in order to give you a weight training workout and they often use cardio rebounders to get your heart pounding too. These things serve to target specific muscle groups in order to train your strength, speed, endurance, and your flexibility. In short, a Pilates reformer is something that you can use to reform all of your Pilates skills, make you more flexible, and help you become stronger too.

What To Look For When Buying A Pilates Reformer

Pilates reformers are great tools to have at home, especially if you are an avid practitioner of Pilates, but they can cost quite a bit of money. Pilates reformers can cost anywhere from 400 to 4,000 dollars, so you definitely do not want to go out and buy the first one that you see. You want to carefully consider the reformer you get, or else risk wasting a whole lot of money. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind before you make your purchase.


Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind before you make your purchase is how comfortable the reformer in question is. What this means is that the reformer you get should have a well-padded carriage to sit on, it should be the right size for you, and it should also have adjustable headrests and straps to suit your size.


Something else to consider before you make your purchase is the build quality of the reformer. You don’t want to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a reformer made of cheap plastic and low-quality parts. The reformer that you get should feature a solid metal, or at least a good wood build, and should be able to support at least 300 pounds in weight.


Another important thing to consider before you buy any Pilates reformer is how versatile it is. First off, any good reformer should feature adjustable resistance levels to suit your specific fitness needs and goals. Moreover, the reformer in question should be able to elevate off of the ground in order to accommodate for various exercises. Furthermore, the straps, ropes, and elevation of the reformer should also all be able to be adjusted so you can get the very most out of it.


The size of the reformer that you get is important, not just because of your own size, but also because of the amount of space that you have available to you. It is always good to get a smaller and more compact model if the space in your home is an issue. Of course, if you have plenty of space to spare, this is not all that important.


There are also some other things to consider before making your purchase, and those things include if there is a rebounder included and if there are any workout DVDs included as well. A rebounder is a handy attachment because it will let you turn this fantastic weight and resistance training device into a cardio device with ease. Plus, some workout DVDs are great because Pilates reformers can be some complicated things to use, thus some extra instruction is always handy.

Pilates Machine and Reformer Reviews

Our Rating

If you are looking for a professional grade Pilates reformer, you are definitely looking at the right one. The MERRITHEW is an extremely high-quality reformer that is very durable and versatile, it lets you do a great many Pilates training exercises, and it comes with quite a few extras too.


The thing that we like absolutely the most about the STOTT PILATES At Home SPX Reformer Bundle is that it comes with everything you need to do Pilates exercises plus a whole lot more. This reformer lets you do over 250 different Pilates exercises as well as training exercises too.

You can train your leg, arm, shoulder, core, and back strength with this tool, plus it helps you train your mobility, flexibility, and balance as well. To get you started this package comes with 2 Pilates reformer DVDs which teach you all of the basics and give you some great workout ideas too.

This item comes with a metal roll up bar and a reformer box with a foot strap to make this reformer even more versatile than ever. The foot bar on this reformer has 4 different positions and can drop down to be out of the way.

This thing also has a platform extender so you can perform various standing and seated exercises as well, plus of course it has the standard hand straps as well. As you can see, this Pilates machine has a great number of features which let you do as many Pilates exercises as you can muster.

Another reason as to why we really like this reformer is because it is very comfortable to use and that is mostly thanks to the double padded platform that you rest on during most of your exercises. It is also a really mobile reformer thanks to the easy roll wheels that it comes with, plus there is also the fact that it is a fairly compact item, meaning that it is a space saver too.

This item is also very versatile in the sense that it comes with both full tension and half tension springs so you can adjust the difficulty of your workout, not to mention that it also has 3 gear bar slots to give you even more choice. This means that people of all fitness levels can use this item with ease. Of course, this reformer is also a very durable item thanks to its solid build and the high-quality materials that were used in its design. This is definitely one of the very best Pilates reformers that we have ever seen.

Value for money

This item is fairly expensive, coming in at around 2,500 dollars, yet it is also one of the best reformers that we have come across. For the money that you are spending you definitely get some great value and that is thanks to the solid build, the 250 possible exercises, the training manual, and the included training DVDs as well.

Build quality

When it comes to the build quality of the STOTT PILATES Pilates Reformer, there is really nothing to complain about. While this item is a little heavy and slightly bulky, its weight only speaks to its solid build and the fact that this thing will last you a very long time. Everything is fairly easy to use and switch, plus the easy roll wheels make life just a little simpler too.


  • Lets you do over 250 different Pilates oriented exercises
  • Comes with a manual and 2 training DVDs
  • Has an extremely solid build
  • Comes with a reformer box, a roll up bar, loop straps, and more
  • Very comfortable padded seat
  • Easy roll wheels for mobility
  • Full and half tension springs for versatile training conditions


  • Fairly heavy
  • Motion of the carriage is a little noisy

Our Rating

The Stamina AeroPilates Pro is one of the best rebounders out there and it is thanks to its highly adjustable nature, its very high build quality, its safety, and its great comfort. You really can’t go wrong with this particular rebounder, especially when you consider the great price that it comes in at.


One of the things that we really like about the design of the Stamina AeroPilates Pro XP 557 Reformer is that it is extremely adjustable in nature. You can adjust the handgrips, footrest, ropes, straps, and headrest, which is great because it makes this item great for people of all shapes and sizes. Even better is that the rails of this reformer are around 8 inches longer than on other standard reformers, making this item especially ideal for larger people.

Another thing that we really like about this particular Pilates reformer is that it comes with a cardio rebounder, which means that this reformer is ideal for flexibility training, strength training, and for cardiovascular fitness exercises as well.

With the wide variety of exercises that this Pilates machine lets you do, you can train your whole body from top to bottom to be stronger, faster, and more flexible. The rebounder is easy to attach and remove, it is safe to use, and it trains your lower body like nothing else can.

The next reason as to why this reformer makes for such an awesome choice is because it uses 4 high-tension springs to provide tension, plus the resistance levels can be changed to suit your individual fitness needs.

There is also the fact that this reformer is extremely comfortable to use and it is thanks to the smooth function that it has, plus the well-padded glide pad, plus the rails are a full 15 inches off the ground, making getting on and off this device as easy as can be.

Value for money

This particular Pilates reformer costs around 1,000 dollars, which makes it a moderately priced piece of equipment with a really high value. It is a very reliable item with a solid build, a high degree of versatility, and even more comfort, all of which make this item well worth the price.

Build quality

There is nothing to complain about when it comes to the build quality of the Stamina AeroPilates Pro XP 557 Reformer. This thing has an extremely durable build, it is very comfortable to use, it is highly adjustable, and it will help strengthen your body from top to bottom. This reformer provides you with a very smooth and quiet exercise routine, something which we definitely won’t ignore.


  • Very comfortable to use
  • Highly adjustable
  • Various different tension levels
  • Longer than standard rails
  • Lets you do a wide variety of Pilates related exercises
  • Solid and sturdy build - made of quality oak
  • Comes with an attachable cardio rebounder


  • Hard to assemble
  • Not very compact

Our Rating

If you are looking for a fantastic Pilates reformer that will make you stronger and better at Pilates too, the Stamina AeroPilates 700 Premier Reformer is definitely a prime choice to go with. This is a solidly built item that is comfortable to use, pretty portable and compact, and will help to tone your whole body no doubt.


One of the things that we like the most about this particular reformer is that it is extremely comfortable to use. This thing features a three-position headrest that can be adjusted to suit your needs, plus it has oversized high-density foam shoulder pads that provide you with extra comfort and support.

Another comfortable feature is the head and neck support pillow which can be attached for even more comfort than ever. There is also the fact that this reformer features an advanced carriage with easy glide wheels for a smooth and quiet ride. The carriage itself also features a large amount of padding to keep your butt comfortable as you use this item.

Moreover, the ropes, straps, and hand grips are all highly adjustable to meet your needs without question. To make this thing even easier to use, it also features an extra wide curved foot bar so you can exercise in a number of positions. Even better is how the whole thing can be elevated up to 10 inches off the ground to account for a variety of complex exercises.

This Pilates machine lets you perform a very large variety of exercises thanks to all of the features it has, plus it also comes with a cardio rebounder to allow you to do cardiovascular exercises with ease. Plus, the rebounder is oversized which means that you aren’t going to miss it when you go to “jump” on it. To make things even more challenging, this rebounder comes with 4 tensions straps which can be adjusted to various resistance levels to meet your fitness goal needs with ease.

Another thing that we really like is the solid metal heavy-duty steel construction of this item, something that allows it to hold up a whole lot of weight, not to mention that it ensures that this reformer won’t break down anytime soon. Finally, this item also comes with 2 workout DVDs for cardiovascular and strength training in order to get you started and get you on the path to a healthy lifestyle.

Value for money

This reformer comes in at around 500 dollars, which is not very expensive when you consider all of the great features that it comes with. It’s a really great price when you consider how rugged, comfortable, and versatile the Stamina AeroPilates 700 Premium Reformer is, plus it also comes with some workout DVDs to get you started too.

Build quality

There is nothing to fret about when it comes to the build quality of this Pilates reformer. This thing has a very solid build to ensure that anybody can use it and put it through a whole lot of punishment. The extreme comfort and versatility that come with this thing only serve to add to its quality even more.


  • Has a very solid build
  • Extremely comfortable to use
  • Adjustable resistance levels
  • Highly adjustable in various aspects
  • Smooth and quiet
  • Great for a large number of exercises
  • Comes with a cardio rebounder
  • Comes with exercise DVDs


  • Item has a strong odor
  • Some ropes may be a little longer than others
  • Some DVDs have trouble working

Our Rating

Yet another good option in terms of Pilates reformers is the Pilates Power Gym Pro. This item lets you do a great number of exercises, it is very easy to use, it comes with a large set of training DVDs, it has many accessories, and is comfortable too.


Perhaps the thing that we like the most about this particular Pilates reformer is that it comes with 6 personalized workout DVDs that come with 8 different workout routines for various fitness aspects. The DVDs are brought to you by celebrity Yoga and Pilates instructor Kristin McGee.

This is great because it teaches you how to use the reformer, plus it lets you train various fitness aspects such as your flexibility, core strength, and other things too.

Something else which we really like about this Pilates machine is that it is a self-contained piece of equipment, meaning that it does not need any additional weights or spotters to function. This thing also comes with a push up bar, a power flex cardio rebounder, and extreme power cords.

Not only does this make the Pilates Power Gym Pro 3 very versatile in terms of the number of exercises it lets you do, but it also features over 70 different resistance levels, making it perfect for everybody to use. This thing is so versatile that it effectively replaces 17 different weight training machines in this all in one tool.

The next thing that we really like about this piece of equipment is that it has a durable steel design so you know that it won’t break anytime soon. The steel frame can hold up to 300 pounds in weight, making it a very strong item no doubt. Plus this thing also comes with built-in wheels and a quick 2-step assembly, making it easy to assemble, portable, and fairly compact for tight spaces as well.

This is a mini reformer which means that it is smaller than some of the other options out there, making it perfect if you don’t have all that much room in your home. We also like the fact that this thing is well padded and quite comfortable to use as well, not to mention that it features a very smooth motion too.

Value for money

When it comes to the value for the price of this item, the roughly 500 dollars you spend on this item definitely don’t go to waste. This is a very solid item, it is compact and portable, plus it effectively replaces a great number of individual workout tools, not to mention that it comes with many different instructional and motivational workout DVDs.

Build quality

The build quality of this reformer is nothing to shake your head at and that is thanks to the 300 pound certified solid steel frame. This is a very rugged Pilates reformer that definitely won’t break under your weight, plus the compact and portable nature of it, and the versatile workout options all serve to add to the quality of this reformer.


  • Effectively replaces 17 weight training machines
  • Comes with 8 specialized workout routines
  • Solid steel frame
  • Self-contained with no need for extra equipment
  • Wheels for portability
  • Easy 2 step assembly
  • Over 70 different resistance levels
  • Fairly smooth and quiet


  • Not suitable for smaller people
  • Shoulder pads could be a little softer

Our Rating

This is one of the most versatile Pilates reformers out there because it features a great number of exercise choices and tension levels. For the very cheap price that this item comes in at, you really can’t go wrong with it, especially when you consider that it has managed to not sacrifice any quality, versatility, comfort, or ease of use.


We really like this particular Pilates reformer because it serves to combine the best of weight training tools with the best of Pilates exercises to give you a well-rounded workout routine. This item features extras such as a push up bar, as well as a foot strap attachment, plus the general hand straps which allow you to do a great number of exercise. With this thing, you can literally train every single muscle in your body, plus your flexibility will be challenged as well.

The Pilates Power Gym Plus lets you choose between 15 height elevations and 248 resistance levels to give you the choice and versatility that you need, plus it also comes with 4 tension cords that can create 16 possible tension cord combinations, all of which will serve to make you stronger, more agile, and much more flexible too.

The easy to adjust nature of this reformer makes it easy to make changes in order to accommodate various exercises on the fly, plus it has an adjustable headrest as well. This Pilates machine also features a sturdy steel frame that can hold up a whole lot of weight and definitely won’t deteriorate with prolonged use.

Even better is that the Pilates Power Gym Plus also comes with 3 Pilates Power Gym Workout DVDs which give you all of the info you need to create a toned body, not to mention that it comes with an informative nutrition plan to get you back into shape as well. This is a very comfortable device with a padded headrest, a well padded backrest, and comfortable handles, plus the upgraded glide board is very smooth and quiet when in use.

When it comes to Pilates reformers, the Pilates Power Gym Plus is definitely a good choice to go with, not to mention that it comes in at a fairly affordable price as well. There is also the fact that this thing is fairly small and compact, making it ideal for smaller spaces.

Value for money

For somewhere around 400 dollars, you really can’t go wrong with the Pilates Power Gym Plus. Even though it is a fairly affordable Pilates reformer, it still manages to provide you with a very sturdy build, it has a great number of exercise options as well as tension levels, plus it is very comfortable to use too. All in all, you really can’t go wrong with spending a few hundred bucks for such a great item.

Build quality

The build quality of the Pilates Power Gym Plus is absolutely exceptional. The solid steel frame lets up to 300 pounds of weight rest on it with ease, the easy to adjust nature makes it a breeze to use, and the easy glide feature, plus the high-level padding all make this item a very high quality find without a doubt.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Lets you perform a large number of exercises
  • Many resistance levels and combination of tension cords
  • Fairly small and compact
  • Features a solid steel build
  • Comes with various workout DVDs
  • Quite affordable


  • Shoulder rest may be a little sticky
  • Carabiners could be of better quality


Pilates is a fantastic form of exercise and a Pilates reformer is a great way to hone your skills and get better at it. The trick is to get the best Pilates reformer, which is one that is comfortable to use, fairly portable and space saving, and offers you a wide variety of exercise options. We would definitely recommend choosing one of the above options no doubt.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about Pilates or Pilates reformers, feel free to leave us a comment below and we will get back to you at the first opportunity we get!