Best Total Gyms of 2024 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Are you sick and tired of buying various pieces of workout equipment just to have to buy more? Sure, one thing is good for your arms, another for your core, one does cardio, the other does strength, and so on and so forth. However, what if there was a piece of equipment out there that could do it all? Train your whole body from top to bottom and incorporate many different types of exercise in one neat tool.

Well, we have the perfect solution for you and it comes in the form of the total gym. These things are truly awesome pieces of equipment that you absolutely need to know about. Let’s talk about what exactly a total gym is, what it can do for you, what to look out for when buying one, and we even have a top 5 list of the best total gyms out there right now.

Summary: The Best Total Gyms

What Is A Total Gym?

A total gym is a home gym workout tool that incorporates many different workout aspects into one single piece of equipment. These things always include a glide board with various different accessories and they can be used for strength training, cardio, stretching, Yoga, and Pilates training too. This is like having a full home gym, but without the massive price tag, and without the massive amount of space that is needed. Interestingly enough, the actual Total Gym brand name is endorsed by Christie Brinkley and Chuck Norris.

What To Look For When Buying A Total Gym

Total gyms are much cheaper than a full home gym set which could end up coming you something like 5,000 dollars or more. That being said, they can still cost up to 1,000 dollars, and that is not including the very most expensive ones. Therefore, there are a few different things that you should look out for before making a purchase, so here they are. These are all things you should consider when reading our total gym reviews.

Frame & Weight Limit

The first thing that you need to look out for before buying any total gym is the frame itself. In all reality, as many components as possible need to be made out of metal, either tube metal or solid. This is because you are going to be using the total gym a lot, so you need it to have a well-built frame. Of course, there are some parts that can’t be made of metal, but the ones that can definitely should be.

Also, you need to pay attention to the weight limit. Some total gyms will have a weight limit as high as 500 pounds and others as low as 200. You need to get one that is strong enough to support your weight for years to come. A good rule of thumb is to get one that can support at least 100 pounds more than your weight, as this will ensure that it will not break under your weight.

Folding & Storage

Another thing to look out for before buying any total gym is if it has any folding capabilities. The vast majority of total gyms available have some kind of folding frame that turns it from a usable piece of exercise equipment into a neat little package. If you have a small home this is something you will want to consider getting without a doubt. However, if you have plenty of space and don’t plan on putting the total gym away after every session, then this is not quite as important.

Adjustable Resistance

Yet another important thing to look out for before you buy a total gym is whether or not it features adjustable resistance. Usually, total gyms will use your own body weight to provide resistance, and the glide board rail can be adjusted for steepness in order to provide more resistance.

Some cheaper models do not have this feature, but if you want to progress and make your workouts more challenging as you go, then it is a good investment to make. Moreover, some total gyms even feature removable resistance bands so you can increase the resistance even more, yet another thing that makes for a worthwhile investment.

Exercise Capabilities

One of the most important features to look for in a total gym is what the exercise capabilities are like. More expensive total gyms will come with many more features than a cheaper one, features which dictate what exercises you can do with it. Things like squat bars, push bars, curl bars, pull bars, preacher curl bars, a head rest, a suspension system, and a pulley system are just some of the things a total gym may come with.

The more of these things that your total gym features, the more exercises you can do with them. Most total gyms are ideal for strength and cardio training, and some even come with special setups for Pilates, stretching, and Yoga too. It is up to you to decide what exactly you want to get out of your total gym, and that will then determine what features you look for in one.

Size & Weight

Another important thing to consider when buying one of these things is how big and heavy it is. The weight aspect has to do with moving it around. Simply put, a heavier total gym is less maneuverable, but on the other hand, one with some more weight to it is going to be a little more stable and less wobbly. And in terms of size, just beware that total gyms are not one size fits all kind of things. Some may be too big for you and some may be too short. You need to get one that is rated to include your specific height.

Glide Board

The final thing you need to pay attention to is the glide board. You need a total gym with a good glide board that is smooth and quiet, or else the whole experience will be ruined for you. You also need one that is well padded so your body won’t start to hurt from sitting on it after just a few minutes.

The Benefits Of Having A Total Gym

There are quite a few benefits that come along with having your own total gym, so let’s just go over them quickly.

Benefit #1: Full Body Workout

The very best benefit of having a total gym is that they provide you with a total body workout. You can work out literally every muscle in your body with a total gym, hence the name total gym. A good model will have everything you need to work out every muscle from your biceps and traps, to your core, and even your toe muscles too!

Benefit #2: Cross Training

Another big benefit that you can get from using a total gym is that you can engage in a wide variety of exercise types with one simple machine. A good total gym will let you get a comprehensive cardio workout, a strength training workout, a stretching session, and should also allow for Pilates and flexibility training too. It’s a great piece of all in one workout equipment that will provide you with everything you need to gain a well-rounded physique.

Benefit #3: Money Saver

A total gym will also benefit your wallet, not just your body. Gym memberships and solo workout equipment will without a doubt end up costing you more in the long run than a comprehensive total body gym.

Total Gym Reviews

Our Rating

If you need a great all in one workout tool for cardio, strength training, Yoga, Pilates, stretching, circuit training, and more, then the Total Gym XLS is by far one of the best options to go with. This thing is comfortable to use, has a huge variety of workout options, and is quite convenient too.


One of the things that we really like about the design of the Total Gym XLS is that it doesn’t take up too much space. It is a fairly lightweight total gym set that even has the capability of folding in half for easy storage, something that anyone with a small apartment or home can definitely appreciate.

Moreover, even though it is fairly small and lightweight, it is still built with some of the strongest materials around. A heavy-duty metal frame combined with solid plastic parts and great foam padding all make for a quality design that will last you for ages to come.

Moreover, the whole thing features several aspects which make the Total Gym XLS very comfortable to use. The glide board is covered with an advanced style of padding to keep your back and hips comfortable, the extension grips are built to keep your hands comfortable, and the headboard is well padded to protect your head from injuries. If you need a really comfortable total gym, the XLS is a great option no doubt.

Perhaps the most impressive feature when it comes to the Total Gym XLS is that it comes with various extensions which allow you to engage in a large variety of exercises. This thing comes with a wing attachment, a leg pull accessory, a glide board, a training deck, and a ribbed squat stand too.

The result of these add-ons is the ability to allow you to do over 80 different exercises of different types. Doing Yoga and Pilates training, stretching, cardio, resistance training, and strength training are all possible on this item. You can literally train every muscle and every system in your body with this one awesome workout tool. Moreover, this thing also comes with 5 different instructional DVDs for various workout routines, it comes with a nutritional plan, and an exercise chart too.

Value for money

The Total Gym XLS is going to run you somewhere around 900 dollars. Now, this may seem like a lot of money to be spending on a piece of exercise equipment, but when you consider that it can give you a total body workout, that it is convenient in terms of space, that it is durable, and comfortable too, it really isn’t much money to be spending at all.

Build quality

The build quality of the Total Gym XLS is quite amazing no doubt. It features only the strongest and most durable of materials to keep it running for as long as you plan to use it. Plus, being comfortable to use, easy to store, and allowing for so many different exercises all make this a fantastic item without a shadow of a doubt.


  • Get a total body workout
  • Allows for cardio, strength training, circuit training and more
  • Compact – easily folds for storage
  • Very durable
  • Provides you with all around comfort
  • Comes with various attachments


  • Surface has a strong odor
  • Not made for people over 6 foot 4 in height

Our Rating

Yet another great total gym option to go with is the Total Gym 1400 Deluxe. This thing brings you a combination of great value, versatility, convenience, durability, and a wide array of exercise options too. Not to mention that the whole thing is highly adjustable to suit your needs perfectly.


One of the things that we really like about the design of the Total Gym 1400 Deluxe is that it comes with a large variety of attachments which work together to allow you to do well over 60 different cardio and strength training exercises. This thing comes with a low row bar, a dumbbell set, a bicep curl bar, a lat bar, resistance cords, and cable handles, plus of course it includes a glide board too. You can train literally every single muscle in your body with this one awesome piece of equipment.

Another thing that makes the Total Gym 1400 Deluxe a great option is because it features 8 different levels of bodyweight resistance which can easily be changed by adjusting the tilt of the glide board. This is great because it allows you to adjust the amount of challenge that each exercise offers. Speaking of the glide board, it features handles on the sides, it has very comfortable padding, and it moves effortlessly and quietly along the bar.

Yet another reason as to why this particular total gym option is so fantastic is because it is fairly lightweight and easy to move around, plus it also folds down for easy storage. Moreover, the whole thing is made out of top notch high-grade materials, solid steel and high-quality plastic, to ensure that it lasts for ages not come, plus it can hold up to 350 pounds of user weight with ease. Moreover, the safety hitch and safety pins it features help to keep everything safe and in place when not in use.

Value for money

This item will cost you around 400 dollars, thus making it one of the cheaper options to go with. While it is fairly inexpensive, it is still built with high-grade materials and made to last, it provides you with 60 different exercises for a total body workout, and it is safe, comfortable, and easy to store as well. All things considered, 400 dollars is not an unreasonable price for this awesome piece of equipment, not to mention that it also comes with a nutritional guide and exercise chart too.

Build quality

The build quality of the Total Gym 1400 Deluxe is really good without a doubt. This thing is built with only the best materials from far and wide, it has a lot of padding and safety features for comfort and ease of use, it can be adjusted in terms of resistance, and all of the attachments allow for a total full body workout that includes both strength and cardio training. We really can’t complain about the quality of this item at all.


  • Allows for strength and cardio training
  • Attachments for over 60 different exercises
  • Glide board is smooth and well-padded
  • Folds for easy storage – also lightweight
  • Very durable – 350-pound weight limit
  • Adjustable resistance


  • Glide board rollers tend to crack after prolonged use

Our Rating

If you are on the market for a great total gym that brings you versatility, quality, a whole lot of exercise options, and much more, then the VigorFit 3000 XL is definitely a great choice for you. This is a moderately priced total gym option that will provide you with everything you need to get a full body workout every time you use it. This item is specifically designed to allow for strength, cardio, and Pilates training.


Something that you will definitely like about the VigorFit 3000 XL is that it comes with a large variety of attachments that allow you to perform an astounding 107 different strength and cardio training exercises. This thing features a push bar, a pull bar, a heavy-duty weight bar, a dual leg rope system, Pilates shoulder pads, a sit up station, a toe bar, a foot platform/squat board, and of course the glide board too. This is a huge amount of accessories that will serve you very well for years to come.

The glide board is ergonomically designed to be comfortable, glide really well, and work quietly, not to mention that it also features a great amount of padding to keep your back, stomach, and butt as comfortable as can be.

Moreover, this thing has a ridiculous amount of adjustments that can be made to either increase or decrease the challenge of any exercise. You can easily adjust the VigorFit 3000 XL to 15 different incline levels, plus it comes with 5 different resistance bands. The result is that you are provided with 75 different levels of resistance in total, which is more than you should ever need.

Yet another thing that makes this particular total gym such an awesome choice is because it features a patented folding system that allows it to take up as little space as possible when not in use. Moreover, this total gym model is made out of heavy-duty heavy gauge steel that is not going to bend, break, or buckle under your weight anytime soon.

Value for money

This total gym will run you somewhere under 500 dollars, which makes it one of the slightly more expensive options you can go with. However the price is definitely worth it when you consider how many accessories it comes with, how well built it is, how comfortable it is to use, how many resistance levels there are, and how easy it is to fold up and store.

Build quality

We are big fans of the VigorFit 3000 XL because it has such a great build quality. A heavy-duty steel gauge frame combined with strong parts make for one heck of a total gym. This thing is built to last, it is built with versatility in mind, it is very comfortable to use, and the insane amount of adjustments that can be done with it all make the VigorFit XL total gym a quality find without a doubt.


  • Comes with a strength and Pilates kit
  • 75 different resistance levels – up to 440 pounds
  • Adjustable incline and resistance bands
  • Allows for 107 different strength, cardio, and Pilates exercises
  • Very well built – gauge steel construction
  • Well-made and well-padded glide board
  • Folds up for easy storage


  • Fairly difficult assembly
  • Somewhat noisy

Our Rating

This is a great total gym option to go with if you want to work out your whole body from top to bottom and don’t want to spend a fortune doing so. The Total Gym 1900 is fantastic for training every part of your body, it is built to last, and it won’t ruin your monthly budget either.


One of the very best aspects of this Total Gym 1900 is that it allows you to get a full body workout in just 10 or 20 minutes of use. It comes with an ergonomic glide board and handles to let you work out your upper body, lower body, and your core too, not to mention that the glide board is very smooth and provides you with continuous fluid movement. Moreover, it also features leg and wing attachments so you can focus on exercising your arms and legs too.

You can do over 60 different exercises with this total gym, and you can also choose to do strength training, cardio, and stretching too. Perhaps the neatest part of this whole thing is that the advanced resistance system lets you work against a certain amount of your body weight, anywhere from 3 to 45 percent, so that you can increase the challenge of your workout with ease. Simply increase or decrease the incline of the glide board to adjust the natural resistance provided.

Something else that makes this an awesome total gym option is because it has a fairly small footprint. The whole thing weighs under 70 pounds, which makes it easy to move around, plus it also folds in half to form a neat little package which is ideal for storing it in small spaces. Moreover, the glide board is comfortably padded to keep your back and butt pain free for the duration of your exercise routine.

There is also the fact that the whole thing is made out of high-quality materials in order to ensure its longevity. The frame can support up to 350 pounds of user weight without any problems at all. Oh, and there is also the point that this total gym comes to your door already totally assembled so you can get right to working out as soon as you get it in the mail.

Value for money

This Total Gym 1900 will run you somewhere close to 400 dollars, which is actually quite affordable for such a great piece of exercise equipment. This thing lets you perform over 60 different strength training, cardio, and stretching exercises, it is lightweight and folds down for storage, it is very strong, and comfortable as well, all things that make this a valuable item.

Build quality

The build quality of the Total Gym 1900 is quite good. The strong metal frame can support a large amount of weight, the glide board is well padded and operates smoothly, and the several attachments it comes with let you perform a very large variety of exercises.


  • Lets you work out your upper and lower body, core, arms, and legs
  • Comes with a few attachments for various purposes
  • Strength and cardio training, plus stretching in one
  • Smooth functioning and well-padded glide board
  • Folds down for easy storage – lightweight
  • Provides natural and easily adjustable resistance


  • Starts to squeak after a while
  • Folding it up is a little tricky

Our Rating

This is a very basic total gym option to go with. It is an affordable home gym that comes in at an awesome price, yet it does still allow for a wide range of exercise options, it is durable, and quite convenient to use as well.


One of the things that we really like about this particular total gym model is that it features an adjustable incline bench. This allows you to adjust the natural bodyweight resistance to fit your needs and offer you the challenge that will suit you best. The steeper you set the incline on the bench the stronger the resistance is. It also comes with different resistance bands to increase the challenge even more.

Something else that you will appreciate about this model is that it is fairly small and even folds up for easy storage. Not having enough space in your home is not an issue when it comes to the Weider Ultimate Body Works. There is also the fact that the whole thing is built with quality steel tubing to ensure its longevity and high weight limit.

Moreover, this thing comes with several useful attachments including a cable and pulley system, a glide board, a squat stand, and various bars. These all work together to let you do over 50 different exercises.

The exercises that can be done with this total gym include cardio, strength training, and stretching exercises too. The glide board itself is padded for comfort, and the same goes for the handles on the pulley system, plus the glide board also moves very easily along the bar to provide you with a smooth workout routine.

Value for money

This total gym option will not even cost you 200 dollars, which means that it really is a great deal and an even better investment. For under 200 dollars you get to do over 50 different strength and cardio training exercises, it is comfortable to use, and folds away for easy storage as well.

Build quality

We really can’t complain about the build quality of this total gym either. It is made with steel tubing that makes for a really durable frame, it lets you do a whole lot of exercises, everything that needs to be padded is padded very well, and the glide board is quiet and smooth. All in all, the Weider Ultimate Body Works total gym is a quality item to have in your home.


  • Allows for over 50 different strength and cardio exercises
  • Adjustable bench incline
  • Resistance bands for up to 50 pounds of added resistance
  • Glide board is well made and well-padded
  • Folds up for easy storage


  • Slightly heavy
  • Adjusting the incline can be difficult
  • Pulleys may become loose over time


A total gym is a great workout tool to have in your home. Simply put, they can do everything. They work out your cardio, strength, stamina, flexibility, coordination, and more, not to mention that they can work out every single muscle in your body. You should definitely look into investing in one of the above options because they are by far the best total gyms out there. Also, keep in mind what your own needs and requirements are, weigh them against the specific features of the total gym you are looking at, and you will have no problem finding one that is right for you.

Any questions or comments are always welcome. We hope that we were able to provide you with all of the info you need and we hope we could help make you a healthier person too!