Best Vertical & Maxi Climbers of 2024 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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If you are a fan of mountain climbing, running, stair climbing, cardiovascular exercise, and/or strength training, then the vertical climber is a piece of equipment designed with you in mind. A vertical climber incorporates many different types and styles of exercise in order to provide you with a well-rounded workout routine that will strengthen your muscles and train your cardio at the same time.

If you don’t know all that much about vertical climbers, don’t worry because that is what we are here for. We’re here to tell you all about vertical climbers, what they are, what they are good for, what to look out for when buying one, and at the end of it all we are going to help you find the best vertical climbers out there by reviewing the very best models that we could round up.

Summary: The Best Vertical Climbers

What Is A Vertical Climber?

A vertical climber is a piece of workout equipment that mimics vertical climbing and closely resembles mountain climbing, thus making it a great training tool. A vertical climber is also often referred to as a maxi climber. This is a great low impact exercise option that helps to strengthen your muscles and provide you with a great cardiovascular workout by forcing you to work against some form of resistance to take vertical steps.

What To Look For When Buying A Vertical Climber

While these pieces of workout equipment are not all that fancy, they still need to be built well and have a few specific qualities that will make it a great piece of equipment instead of a subpar one. Here are the most important factors and things to consider before buying any vertical climber.

Construction – Weight Capacity

We have said it before and will say it many times more. The more metal is included in the build of any device the better its quality is going to be. The fact of the matter is that metal is much stronger than most other materials used, materials such as plastic, and the lifetime of metal is much longer. A good metal frame makes for a solid piece of equipment that will last for ages to come. A well-built frame should have a fairly high weight capacity of at least 220 pounds. Keep in mind that these items are fairly narrow and tall, plus the way that they are built, means that they don’t have a very high weight limit, with the highest limit we have seen being around 300 pounds.

Stable Base

Another important feature to look for is a stable base. The base of your vertical climber should be fairly wide, it should have pretty long feet, and the feet should be equipped with some kind of rubber or plastic feet. These devices, as mentioned before, are fairly tall and narrow, so you need a good, wide, and stable base to keep it from wobbling or tipping over under your weight. The plastic or rubber feet will protect your floor and help to stop lateral movement too. This is very important because you don’t want your vertical climber to tip over mid use.


Many vertical climbers do not have an adjustable resistance level, mainly because they use your own body weight and motion as a form of resistance. This is just fine if you want a fairly light cardio workout. However, if you want a heavy cardio workout and want to really strengthen your muscles at the same time, you will want to invest a little more money and get a model that has adjustable resistance. Adjustable resistance on vertical climbers usually comes in the form of hydraulic pump-like mechanisms. Keep in mind that a model with adjustable resistance will cost you a little more than one without.

Foot Rests And Grips

Yet another important feature to look out for is the foot rest. The foot rests or pedals need to be fairly large in order to accommodate your feet with shoes on, plus they should have some kind of texture to provide you with traction so that you don’t slip off and injure yourself. Moreover, the handles or grips should come equipped with some kind of rubber or foam grip in order to provide you with a solid hand hold and to stop blisters from happening too.

Adjustable Height

The fact of the matter is that not everybody is of the same height, so if you think that more than one person is going to be using the vertical climber, you should probably invest in a model that has an adjustable height level. This is not quite as important if you are the only person who is going to be using it, so long as you get a model that fits your height requirements right off the bat.


An LCD display is not absolutely necessary, but it certainly does help. If you want to be able to keep track of how far you have climbed, steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, and time spent climbing, you should invest a little more money and get a good climber with a display and progress tracking capabilities.

The Benefits Of Using A Vertical Climber

A vertical climber is not just a great tool for people who are training to be better mountain climbers because there are a great number of benefits that come along with using one of these things, hence why we are doing maxi climber reviews. Let’s talk about some of the benefits before we start talking about specific products.

Benefit #1: Cardio

A vertical climber forces you to take repeated steps in an upward direction, and in all reality, you should be stepping pretty fast. This will definitely provide you with a solid cardiovascular workout that will get your heart pumping and your lungs working at full capacity. It’s kind of like running or jogging, but instead of doing it on flat ground or even upstairs, you are running straight up, thus giving you a great cardio workout. We aren’t going to get into all of the benefits of cardiovascular exercise, but you should know that it is great for your heart, lungs, metabolism, and your overall health.

Benefit #2: Muscle Strengthening

Another big benefit that you can get from using these things is that they help to strengthen the majority of muscles in your body. It takes a lot of power and muscle strength to keep stepping upwards for a prolonged period of time, therefore a vertical climber helps to strengthen and tone all of the muscles in your legs and buttocks. Moreover, you also engage your arms and even your core when using these things, thus providing you with a full body workout and great muscle strengthening benefits.

Benefit #3: Weight Loss

A vertical climber combines cardio and strength training, plus it is much like running, mountain climbing, and stair stepping combined into one. The result of this extreme workout combination is a tendency to blast away calories and body fat in a very short period of time. These things will without a doubt burn away calories and rev up your metabolism too.

Benefit #4: Low Impact

One of the biggest benefits that you can get from a vertical climber is that they are not high impact. If you have joint problems which render you unable to do hardcore cardio like running, then a low impact alternative is a great way to go. Vertical climbers don’t send impact through your legs and into your knees and hips, therefore allowing you to get a great cardio workout while also keeping your joints pain free.

Vertical & Maxi Climber Reviews

Our Rating

This is without a doubt in our minds the very best climbing machine that we have ever seen. This is an extremely advanced vertical climber that is completely automated, very durable, and will definitely challenge every last muscle in your body. This is more or less an automated vertical set of stairs that run like a conveyor belt to provide you with continuous climbing action. All of that being said, be prepared to spend quite a few dollars on it.


This is a truly awesome piece of equipment, and the Jacobs Ladder provides you with an intense climbing workout that will leave you exhausted after just a few minutes. To start things off, this thing is built with only the best materials around. It is a very well made and solid piece of workout equipment that will stand up to even the heaviest of workout routines. Every last component on this climber is built to withstand the test of time.

Another thing that is quite convenient about this thing is that it has a fairly small footprint. No, it is not the smallest or most compact item on this list, but for what it is and the challenge it can provide you with, the space it takes up really is not that much. Also, this item comes with transport wheels so you can easily move it from one spot to another.

Moreover, this is a fully automated climbing machine. It is pretty much like a ladder on a conveyor belt that just keeps going. What is really neat is that the speed at which the stairs move at automatically adjust to fit the speed you want to go at. The faster you climb the faster the steps move at, thus providing you with a continuous challenge no matter how fast you go.

Also, the Jacobs Ladder will come to a stop automatically when you come to a stop, plus it is activated with a tether belt and tether line too, both things which make it very safe and easy to use.

Even better is that this thing also features a microprocessor that keeps track of time, distance, speed, steps taken, and calories burned. This is also quite a comfortable item to work out on, which is in large part thanks to the natural climbing position it features, which is in order to put as little strain on your joints as possible, to keep your body in proper form, but also to provide you with a great challenge too. In case you don’t want to keep switching hand positions to hold on to the new steps coming your way, the sides also feature easy to hold handles to provide you with good stability and balance.

Value for money

You definitely get a whole lot of value for the price you are paying and there is no doubt that this thing will get you sweating buckets in no time at all. That being said, this thing does cost around $5,000, making it the most expensive vertical climber on this list by a long shot. Even though it does cost a great amount of money, it is built solid, it is fully automated, and it has to be one of the most innovative pieces of workout equipment that we have ever laid our hands on.

Build quality

The build quality of this item is purely excellent, and for five thousand dollars, it better be! The fact of the matter is that this thing is built solid and built to last, which is thanks to every last single component being built with quality in mind. This is also a fully automated climbing system with an advanced progress tracking feature, it doesn’t take up too much space, and best of all, it will train your cardio and muscles no doubt.


  • Fully automated
  • Adjustable speed (the faster you go the faster it goes)
  • Comfortable handles
  • Advanced progress tracking
  • Fairly small footprint
  • Very solid build
  • Comes with an operational and instructional DVD


  • Very expensive
  • Very heavy

Our Rating

When it comes to conventional vertical climbers, this is probably one of the best, strongest, most advanced, and most challenging models that you could possibly get your hands on. The Weslo Stepfit Climber has several awesome features which serve to make it an excellent piece of workout equipment that will challenge your fitness level every single time you use it.


One of the things that are really cool about the design of the Weslo Stepfit Climber is that it has an adjustable resistance level. This item uses two oil-filled cylinders to provide you with resistance, just like hydraulic pumps. To challenge yourself every time and to fit your specific needs, you can adjust the resistance level of each cylinder accordingly. This thing is also very compact and does not take up very much space in your home.

Speaking of versatility, the height of this vertical climber can also be adjusted in order to suit anybody’s size. What is also great about this particular vertical climber is that it features easy to hold onto handles which are ergonomically designed to be comfortable and also feature sturdy foam grips. On that same note, this thing also features extra-large foot rests to accommodate any size feet, plus they also have a good texture to provide you with non-slip traction.

Another thing that you will be able to appreciate about the Weslo Stepfit Climber is that it has an advanced LCD display with progress tracking features. The computerized display can keep track of time distance, steps, calories burned, and more. What is also pretty neat is the built-in shelf to hold your smartphone so you can keep yourself occupied while exercising. Finally, this thing is also built with quality materials in order to last you for ages, and the quality build of it ensures that it can hold up to 250 pounds with ease.

Value for money

The Weslo Stepfit climber is going to cost you roughly 230 dollars, which may seem like a lot of money to spend, but it is definitely worthwhile. This item is strong and built to last, features adjustable resistance, is comfortable to use, and has good progress tracking features too. 230 bucks is not very much money to be spending for such a great workout tool.

Build quality

The build quality of this vertical climber is excellent. All of the parts included are built with quality in mind and are built to last for ages to come. Moreover, the adjustable resistance, comfortable nature, and LCD display all contribute to its quality even more.


  • Adjustable resistance level
  • LCD display for progress tracking
  • Stable base
  • Smartphone media holding tray for entertainment
  • Comfortable grips and foot rests
  • Small footprint – compact design
  • High-quality build – 250-pound weight limit


  • Fairly hard to assemble

Our Rating

This is not quite the normal vertical climber of Maxi Climber that people think of, but this unique model is very well built, it will give you a good cardio workout, and it has a few really neat features that definitely makes it worth your consideration. This is a compact, durable, and affordable piece of equipment that will get your heart pumping for sure.


Right off the bat, the thing that we like the most about the Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper is that, unlike many other vertical climbers, it features an adjustable resistance level. The resistance is provided by 2 separate cylinders, both of which pretty much function like hydraulic pumps, except they don’t use fluid, they use your muscle power! Both cylinders can be adjusted to suit your needs and to give you a new challenge every time. Just twist the knobs to increase or decrease the resistance, it’s as easy as that.

Another great feature that comes with this particular vertical climber is the built-in LCD display that shows you how many calories you have burned, the time you have been working out for, and how many steps you have climbed. This thing is smooth, quiet, and helps provide you with a solid workout routine every time.

Moreover, the Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper is built with a high-quality metal construction that includes some high-grade plastic. In all reality, this is a very durable climber that is not just going to fall apart under your weight. Also, the hand holds are ergonomically built to enforce a natural climbing position, plus they feature a good foam covering to keep your hands comfortable and provide you with good grip too.

Furthermore, this thing features extra long and wide foot rests to make sure that people of all sizes can fit on it. What is also quite convenient about this model is that it folds up for easy storage. It doesn’t take up much space when in use and it takes up even less space when folded down. Next, the wide base also makes it a great climber because it makes it very stable, making it able to support up to 220 pounds of user weight with ease.

Value for money

What is really impressive about this workout device is that it only costs slightly under 100 bucks. That is not very much money to be paying for such a fantastic climber. This thing is very durable, it has adjustable resistance, it is very comfortable to use, and it won’t take up much space either, all things which make this item a very valuable find.

Build quality

The build quality of the Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper is just great. The high-grade plastic and heavy-duty steel construction make it a very durable product that can hold up to 220 pounds of user weight. Moreover, the wide base makes it stable, the folding mechanism makes it easy to store, and the LCD display lets you keep track of how much you have done. The fact that it has an adjustable resistance makes it a great item no doubt.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • LCD display to track progress
  • Wide base for stability
  • Folding mechanism for easy storage
  • Adjustable resistance cylinders
  • Comfortable grips and foot rests


  • Control console may experience technical difficulties
  • Locking pins are somewhat fragile

Our Rating

If you are in search of a good vertical climber that will help you train your cardio and strength, but won’t ruin your monthly budget, you should definitely check out the Conquer Vertical Climber Fitness Climbing Machine 2.0. This is not a fancy model, but it certainly is strong and will do the trick without a doubt.


This is a very basic vertical climbing machine, one that won’t cost you a fortune, yet it still manages to provide you with a whole lot of quality. This thing is built with steel, and steel is strong. You can rest assured that the durable steel construction will hold up to even the most vigorous of workout routines without bending or buckling.

This vertical climber is also very stable thanks to the wide base and long feet, things which help eliminate wobbling and movement, plus it also has rubber feet to stop movement even further and to protect your floor too. What is also really neat is that this climber is built to be smooth, quiet, and easy on the joints too.

Another thing that we really like about the Conquer Vertical Climber 2.0 is that it features a great folding design. This allows you to fold it up into a compact little package so that it can fit in a closet with ease and won’t take up valuable space in your home. The whole thing is not too heavy either, making it easy to move from one spot to another or to set up and take down with ease.

Yet another thing that we like about this particular vertical climber is that it features an adjustable height mechanism so that people of all heights and sizes can use it. Moreover, it also features solid foot pedals to support your weight, plus it also has very comfortable non-slip foam grips to give your hands a good handhold and to keep them from getting blisters. The handles themselves are actually adjustable as well.

Value for money

This vertical climber will only cost you around 130 dollars, which is a fantastic price for such a solid piece of workout equipment. This may not be the fanciest model on the market, nor is it the most expensive, but it is built solid, it is comfortable to use, easy to fold up and store, and it will definitely give your fitness level a run for its money. If you want a good vertical climber, but don’t want to spend a whole lot of money, then this model is definitely an option to keep in mind.

Build quality

We can’t argue with the build quality of the Conquer Vertical Climber 2.0. It features a great and highly durable steel construction that is sure to last for a long time to come, it has a very wide base for stability, an adjustable height, and very comfortable grips. Quality is definitely not an issue when it comes to this particular vertical climber.


  • Durable steel construction
  • Adjustable height and handles
  • Comfortable foam grips
  • Wide base for stability
  • Strong foot rests
  • Folding design for compact storage


  • Assembly can be fairly difficult
  • Resistance cannot be adjusted

Our Rating

This is a good basic vertical climber option to go with. The Maxi Climber Vertical Climber is a great cardio training tool that will strengthen your muscles through the virtue of your own body weight. It is built solid, built ergonomically, and built to give you a great workout experience.


One of the things that we really like about the Maxi Climber Vertical Climber is that it comes 90 percent assembled. This is great because it lets you get right to using it instead of having to put it together first. Moreover, the whole thing is fairly lightweight, thus making it easy to move around, plus it also features a folding mechanism which lets you fold it down into a compact package for easy storage, something that anybody with a small home will definitely appreciate.

Another great part of this vertical climber is that the resistance is provided solely by your body weight, therefore providing you with a solid muscle strengthening routine that does not require weights and pulleys. Also, the grips are great non-stick grips that are comfortable to hold onto, won’t cause blisters, and won’t cause you to slip off the machine either. The foot rests are also built strong so they won’t snap off under your weight, plus they have a good size which makes standing on the easy and comfortable.

Another neat part about this particular vertical climber is that it features an adjustable height, thus making it great for people of all sizes to use with ultimate comfort. Perhaps the best feature about this vertical climber is that it has a personal workout timer that starts counting when you start climbing, and it stops when you stop too.

This thing also has a very strong frame that is sure to last for ages, plus it has a really stable base too, both things which are necessary when it comes to any vertical climber. This thing has a weight limit of 240 pounds, which is quite impressive indeed.

Value for money

The Maxi Climber Vertical Climber is going to cost you around 200 dollars, which is not very much when you consider how great this thing is. You definitely get a great value for the money you are spending. A solid design, adjustable height, a workout timer, and good grips, plus a folding mechanism all make this an extremely valuable find no doubt.

Build quality

The build quality of this vertical climber is quite superior to most other models on the market today. Its metal design with a wide base ensures its durability and stability, its adjustable height makes it great for everybody to use, and the isometric non-stick grips make it extremely comfortable to use for a prolonged period of time.


  • Fairly stable base
  • Personal workout timer
  • Non-stick grips
  • Comfortable foot rests
  • Folding design for compact storage
  • Comes 90% assembled
  • Cold-rolled steel frame for durability
  • 240-pound weight limit


  • Resistance is not adjustable
  • Studded pedals – can’t be used barefoot


A vertical climber is truly fantastic workout tool that comes with many physical benefits, they are easy to use, they are versatile, and they usually don’t cost all that much either. These things will help you lose weight, strengthen and tone your muscles, work out your cardiovascular system, and they are low impact too. Of course, you want the best vertical climber that money can buy, which is why we would recommend checking out one of the above options.

Even if you don’t like our top 5 picks, as long as you keep the key considerations of buying a vertical climber in mind, you should have no problem finding one that suits your needs.

If you have any questions about buying or using a vertical climber, please feel free to leave us a comment and we will get back to you at the first available opportunity!