Best Headphones For Running of 2024 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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We all know that running or even just jogging are both great forms of exercise that come with numerous health benefits. Your body and mind will always benefit from a good run. Of course, many people like to listen to their favorite music during a long run because it helps keep you motivated and pumped up, but that does mean that you need a great pair of headphones.

Not all headphones are ideal for running, which is why some very smart people out there have designed special headphones just for running and other vigorous forms of exercise. We don’t want you to waste your money on running headphones that you aren’t going to be happy with, so we are here to help you find out which are the best headphones for running.

The Best Headphones For Running: Reviews

What To Look For When Buying Running Headphones

A good pair of headphones does not have to cost all that much, but any money you spend needs to be spent wisely. Therefore you will want to pay attention to a few key features which will contribute to a good pair of running headphones. Here are the most important things to keep your eyes on before you make a purchase.

Corded vs. Wireless

One of the most important things to consider when buying headphones for running is if you want a pair that is corded or if you want a Bluetooth pair, each of which has their advantages and disadvantages. A pair of running headphones with a cord is ideal if you don’t want to have to worry about battery life, plus it ensures full connection at all times. There is also the fact that a pair of corded headphones can connect to any device as long as it has an audio jack.

On the other hand, a good pair of Bluetooth running headphones does not need a cord, something that can be uncomfortable and get in the way of your running. A good pair of Bluetooth headphones can offer great connectivity, but they do require batteries and the need to recharge, plus they can only connect to devices and music players that already have Bluetooth capabilities. If you get Bluetooth headphones you definitely want a pair with good battery life so they don’t die in the middle of your run. As you can see, each of these options has certain benefits and certain disadvantages that you need to consider before you make your final purchase.

Ability To Stay In Place

Another extremely important aspect of any good pair of running headphones is that they need to be able to stay in place. Exercise such as running, lifting weights, or anything else for that matter, of course involves a lot of movement, movement which can cause normal headphones to fall out of your ears, something which you definitely don’t want while running.

A good pair of running headphones will have some kind of hooks that go over the ears, or simply features an over the ear design to make sure that they stay in place while running. Moreover, to help them stay in place even better, they should also have some kind of ear buds that form a tight suction with your ears. You don’t want to keep reach for your headphones and put them back in your ears every time they fall out, something that a good pair of running headphones can take care of without a doubt.

High Quality Sound – Noise Isolation

Something else to look out for before purchasing any pair of running headphones is how good the sound quality is. First of all, you will want some kind of ear buds that form a good suction, therefore offering noise cancellation and isolation features. You want a good pair of headphones that will keep outside noise out of your ears.

Working out and running around can be quite loud, especially if you do so outside, therefore keeping outside noise where it belongs is a key feature of any good pair of running headphones. Moreover, a pair of running headphones with high fidelity sound quality is always good. You definitely want headphones that can provide you with clear treble and a deep bass sound. This kind of headphones may be for running, but they also need to provide crystal clear sound quality.

Calling & Control Features

Yet another thing that you should look for when buying running headphones is if they have control features or not. While you are running you don’t want to have to reach into your pockets every few minutes to play, pause, or change the song. Therefore a good pair of running headphones should feature easy to access buttons somewhere on them.

Moreover, you should also look for a pair of headphones that has a built in microphone. This will allow you to receive and make calls without actually needing to have your phone in your hands, which is of course a bonus when you are trying to get through a vigorous running routine.


The durability of any pair of headphones, especially running headphones, is a very important aspect no doubt. You don’t want them to break after just a few runs because that would of course constitute a huge waste of money. If you have corded headphones, make sure that the cord is built of durable materials and protects the inner wires very well. Moreover, Bluetooth headphones should have adequate Bluetooth connection capabilities so that the sound does not cut out while you are running.

Furthermore, a good metal build for the headphones themselves is always a bonus. One of the most important aspects when it comes to durability is being waterproof or at least water resistant. Running will of course make you sweat, and that moisture can damage normal headphones really fast, so any good pair of running headphones absolutely needs to be water resistant at the very least.

Some Concerns To Think About

There are just a couple of small concerns to keep in mind before you buy any pair of headphones for running. One of these concerns is their ability to remain connected to your smart device through Bluetooth. Not all Bluetooth headphones use the very latest technology, so you want to make sure that you get a fairly recent pair with great connection capabilities. You should always read some customer reviews because even though some headphones may advertise great Bluetooth connectivity, that is not always the case.

Another minor concern to keep in mind is that headphones are not a one size fits all kind of thing. If you get in-ear buds, you want to ensure that they come with different size buds to make sure that at least one of the bud pairs fits your ears. Just make sure that the headphones are an ideal size for your ears or else you will have some big trouble with them.

Headphones For Running Reviews

Our Rating

If you need some good running headphones you should definitely check out the Phaiser Sport Earphones. These headphones have amazing High-Fi sound, they provide you with a secure fit, and they are extremely durable as well.


One of the things that we really like about these headphones is that they are Bluetooth capable. This means that you don’t have to worry about pesky cords getting in the way of your running routine. As long as you have a Bluetooth capable device, these headphones will serve you very well.

Another thing about the design of these headphones that we really like is how they are completely sweatproof. Everybody sweats when they run, and moreover, everybody drops their headphones sometimes, maybe even in some water. Well, the Phaiser earphones have a Liquipel nano coating that repels water very well, thus greatly adding to the longevity of them.

Something else we like about the Phaiser Sport Earphones is that they have excellent HD sound which is provided by 10 mm speakers. They have excellent sound quality and really good bass capabilities, plus the T-400 memory foam tips help to isolate and keep out all external noise, plus they form a very tight fit in your ears as well.

To help these things fit even better and stay secure throughout your running routine, they also have a great behind the ear hook to keep them in one place. Furthermore, the memory wire that most of these headphones are made of adapts to the shape of your head to provide you with an uncompromised fit.

Another cool feature of the Phaiser Sport Earphones is that they let you make calls without ever having to take them out. When you get a call, the earphones silence the music, read out the number that is calling, and they have a microphone so you can talk to whoever is on the other line. Once the call is over the music starts back up automatically.

Finally, the battery life of these headphones is around 8 hours, which means that you can listen to music all day long before they need to be recharged. Moreover, your iPhone or other smartphone can display the battery life of the headphones so you know exactly when they need to be recharged.

Value for money

The value for the price of these headphones is outstanding. These headphones only cost around 40 dollars, which is a fantastic price for such useful headphones. They are very durable, water resistant, they fit great, have excellent sound quality, and let you make calls too, all things which make these a valuable pair of headphones no doubt.

Build quality

We have got nothing to complain about when it comes to the build quality of the Phaiser Sport Earphones. These things are quite durable and water resistant, their flex-wire fit and behind the ear hook make them stay in place, and best of all, they have really good sound quality with a nice bass sound, not to mention that the noise isolation feature means that you can only hear the music. If you want quality headphones for running you are definitely looking at the right ones.


  • Noise isolating
  • Highly water resistant
  • Provide for a secure fit while running
  • Microphone to make calls
  • Good battery life
  • Quite comfortable
  • Very affordable
  • High-quality bass sound


  • Require a Bluetooth compatible music device
  • Need to be recharged after 8 hours of use

Our Rating

The TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones are some very high-quality headphones that are perfect for running and other forms of exercise. They have fantastic sound quality, are comfortable to wear, and quite convenient to use as well.


One of the really neat parts about these headphones is that they are magnetic. What this means is that you can stick them together while you aren’t using them and wear them around your neck like a convenient necklace. It’s a good alternative to bunching them up in your pockets and getting the wires tangled together.

Something else that we like about the TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones is that they have a fairly good battery life. One single charge, which only takes about 1 hour to load up, will last for up to 5 hours of continuous listening or over 170 hours of standby. These headphones will definitely keep playing music for as long as your workout routine lasts.

These make for some good running headphones thanks to the fact that they feature small ear hooks to keep them snuggly in place as you run. Moreover, they also feature silicone ear buds that create a suction to provide for unrivaled comfort and a secure fit too. Not only do they fit well, but the silicone buds also ensure proper noise isolation features. These headphones let you hear your music without outside distractions, not to mention that they provide some great sound quality too. Too much bass or unclear treble is an issue of the past when you use the TaoTronics headphones.

We also like the fact that you can control your music through the intuitive buttons on the headphones themselves, which means you don’t have to take out your device every time you want to change the song.

These things can easily connect to any Bluetooth enabled MP3 player or smartphone. Moreover, they can also answer calls and let you make calls thanks to the microphone that is included. You can pick up calls, talk, and keep playing music all with one simple device, not to mention that you can connect these things to two devices at once. We also can’t forget their superior build quality either, which is thanks to their machined aluminum alloy construction.

Value for money

For just under 40 dollars you really can’t go wrong with the TaoTronics headphones. They have a great build quality, they can connect to virtually any device and can connect to more than one device at once, and they provide for some awesome sound quality too. Value is definitely not an issue when it comes to the TaoTronics Magnetic Earphones.

Build quality

We don’t have anything bad to say about the build quality of these particular running headphones. They are built out of highly durable aluminum alloy, they are very comfortable to wear, they stay in place as needed, and they have some really good sound quality too, all things that make the TaoTronics headphones a quality find.


  • Aluminum alloy construction for durability
  • Hooks to keep them in place
  • Silicone buds for noise isolation
  • High-quality sound
  • Bluetooth – connect to 2 devices at once
  • Magnetic link for convenience
  • Control your music through intuitive buttons


  • Battery life could be longer
  • Requires a Bluetooth capable device
  • Not very moisture resistant

Our Rating

The SENSO Bluetooth Headphones are a great choice to go with if you need reliable running earphones. These things are built to last, built to provide you with a quality sound, and built for convenience too.


Perhaps one of the best parts about these headphones is that they have crystal clear sound. They feature state of the art components that provide you with clear treble and a deep bass sound, probably some of the best sound quality you will ever experience.

The incredible quality of these headphones combined with the CVC 6.0 noise suppression technology helps to provide you with an unrivaled music listening experience. When you use these headphones all you will hear is the music of your choice and nothing else. The SENSO headphones also have a waterproof coating so they don’t get ruined from your own sweat or from running in the rain.

Another thing you will definitely appreciate about these headphones is that they use state of the art Bluetooth technology to connect to various devices up to 30 feet away. This is great for running because there is no cord in the way, plus it makes connecting to a stereo set in your home easier than ever. There is also the fact that these headphones have excellent battery life. These things only take 1.5 hours to charge and can last for up to 8 hours of continuous listening, plus when they aren’t being used they can hold a charge for up to 240 hours, making them some of the best around.

The next thing that everybody will like about the SENSO Bluetooth Sports Headphones is that they feature ergonomically designed ear hooks that are very comfortable to wear, lightweight, durable, and will ensure that the headphones stay in place for as long as you need them to. This is combined with the silicone ear buds that form a suction-like seal with your ears to make sure that they don’t slip out during a vigorous run. Even better is the strap that connects them around the back of your head, yet another bonus no doubt.

Value for money

You really can’t go wrong with the SENSO Sport Earphones, especially when you consider that they deliver a whole lot of value and quality for a very low price. Around 40 dollars is not very much to be spending on such an awesome pair of headphones. Value, durability, sound quality, and comfort are not issues when it comes to these running headphones.

Build quality

The build quality of these headphones is quite outstanding indeed. Their highly durable build combined with their waterproof qualities make them prime choices no doubt. The high fidelity sound quality and the Bluetooth capabilities of the SENSO headphones only serve to add even more quality than could have ever been expected.


  • Hooks help them stay in place while you run
  • Silicone ear buds for a suction-like fit
  • High fidelity sound quality
  • Waterproof rating
  • Long battery life


  • Require a music device with Bluetooth capabilities

Our Rating

These running and sport headphones are just what you need for various kinds of exercise. They don’t require batteries, they provide great sound quality, and their design ensures a snug slip free fit as well.


One of the things that nobody can ignore about these headphones is that they don’t need any batteries at all. Sure, they are corded which some people may not like, but that also means that they don’t need batteries or need to be recharged, something that many people can definitely appreciate.

Another thing that we like about the Rovking Sport Headphones is that they feature an over the ear design. This ensures that they will fit over your ears with ease, plus they will stay snuggly on and in your ears for as long as you need them to. These things are a little smaller than most other models, making them perfect for small and medium sized ears, moreover they also come with 4 different size ear buds to fit all sizes.

The ear buds are also fantastic because they help to isolate noise and keep your focus on the music. There is also the fact that these headphones have great crystal clear sound quality. They won’t fall out as you run and they definitely let you listen to music in style.

Yet another reason as to why we really like these headphones is because they can connect to any device so long as it has an audio jack, making them very versatile. Moreover, the cord features a microphone and intuitive controls. This lets you play, pause, and change music without having to take out your device, plus you can also receive and make calls thanks to the nifty microphone. These are extremely durable headphones that are comfortable to wear and have great sound quality to boot.

Value for money

For around 15 bucks there is nothing to complain about when it comes to value. That is a very affordable price for headphones that don’t require batteries, isolate noise, stay in place, and have good sound quality too.

Build quality

We also can’t complain about the build quality of these headphones. They are built to last and built to stay on your ears for the duration of any workout. Great sound quality, a solid build, and all of the other features they have make them a high quality find no doubt.


  • Do not need batteries
  • High-quality sound
  • Sound isolation capabilities
  • Connect to any music playing device
  • Solid design
  • Good for small and medium size ears
  • Make and receive calls with the microphone
  • Control music with intuitive buttons


  • They are corded
  • Not ideal for large ears
  • Not sweatproof

Our Rating

If you want a good pair of affordable earphones that manage to provide you with a whole lot of quality for a low price, then you are looking in the right place without a doubt. A secure fit, great sound quality, and durability all make these good headphones for running.


One of the things that we really like about these headphones is that they have a corded design with a 1.3-meter long cord. While some people like wireless devices, having a cord is quite convenient because it means not needing a Bluetooth or wireless capable music playing device, plus the battery life issue is non-existent too, things which come in handy for people that like basic old school technology. This also means that the Dislot Wired Earphones can be connected to literally any phone or music device.

Something else that makes these headphones great options is that they are made out of very durable materials. You don’t have to worry about the headphones breaking or the cord ripping thanks to the quality build. Moreover, the special shape of the in-ear headphones provides for a very tight fit. The ear buds provide a suction-like fit that keeps these earphones in place for all of your running endeavors. Moreover, the tight fit that they provide also help to isolate outside noise so you can actually hear what is going on in the music you are trying to listen to.

The noise isolating feature of these headphones is complemented by their high-quality sound and great bass sound quality. These headphones may be affordable, but that does not mean that they don’t have excellent sound quality too. Even better is that they have a special sweat proof design, so you can run your heart out and sweat all over these things without having to worry about them breaking or losing quality.

Finally, the fact that these headphones have full calling capabilities is just another bonus. They feature a microphone and small button controls so you can pick up a call, change volume, end calls, and much more, thus eliminating the need to take your smartphone out every time you get a call.

Value for money

The Dislot Wired Earphones come with some great value. They only cost around 15 dollars, making them a very affordable option to go with. They have good sound quality, they stay in place quite well, and they are compatible with any music playing device out there. You really could not ask for any more value for the low amount of money that you spend.

Build quality

We can’t complain about the build quality of these running earphones. Their good sound quality and great bass capabilities, their noise isolating capability, their durable water and sweat resistant build, and their battery free design all serve to add to the quality of these headphones.


  • Don’t require batteries
  • Noise isolating design
  • Create a suction-like fit
  • Made of durable materials
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • Full calling capabilities
  • Very affordable


  • Cord may get in the way


As you can see, there are many good running headphone options to go with, some of which are corded and some which use Bluetooth technology. Whatever the case may be, running is a great form of exercise and being able to listen to music while you do it only makes it better. This means that you will want the best headphones for running. As long as you keep our tips in mind, and moreover if you happen to choose from the options we’ve got listed above, you should have no problem finding a good pair of running headphones that will suit your needs without question.

If you have any concerns or comments to make, please feel free to do so and we will get back to you as soon as we can!