Best Resistance Bands of 2024 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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If you have seen the increasingly popular resistance bands in your local fitness stores, you may be wondering why. The fact is that resistance bands can give you a great workout in a limited timeframe and will definitely give you a good challenge. However, in order to get the most out of your resistance exercises, you will need the best resistance bands around. You can’t work with low-grade equipment and the same goes for resistance bands. We’re going to give you the low-down on resistance bands as well as some of our top picks so you can make a well informed choice.

Summary: The Best Resistance Bands

The Benefits of Resistance Bands

Resistance bands may not look all that intimidating at first, but there is actually a whole lot that can be done with them. These things provide your body with a pretty good workout and will definitely have you sweating. There are quite a few benefits that come along with exercising with resistance bands on a regular basis.


Resistance bands are usually extremely versatile in the sense that you can use one on its own and multiples at the same time too. Not only that but if you really want to get a good workout, you can also combine the resistance bands with some weights to up the ante a little bit.


Another reason as to why resistance bands are great to have is because they are very small and compact. They are great to travel with if you want to exercise on the go, plus they can be easily stored in a closet or other small space with ease. These things make for a great option if you don’t have much space to spare.

Full Body Workout

Perhaps one of the best reasons as to why resistance bands are becoming so popular is because they give you a full body workout. There are so many different exercises that you can do with these things that you can train your legs, arms, core, chest, back, and shoulders too. A good set of resistance bands can target literally every major muscle group in your body.


The next best thing about resistance bands is their adaptability factor. These things come in a large variety of lengths as well as resistance levels. This makes this particular piece of workout equipment well suited for young and old, men and women, and people of all fitness levels.

Integrated Strength Training

Another fantastic part about using resistance bands is that they actually count as weight training. With these things, you can reap all of the benefits you would get from lifting dumbbells or doing shoulder presses without the need for all of that equipment.


The last thing we want to mention is that resistance bands are great for giving you various workouts. Your muscles get used to the same movements if you do them too many times, and thus the effects of any one exercise get smaller and smaller the more you do it. Therefore resistance bands are great for adding variety to your routine because there are so many different things that you can do with them.

What To Look For When Buying Resistance Bands

Before you go out and make your purchase, you should keep a few things in mind. Sure, resistance bands don’t cost all that much, but you still don’t want to waste money so you should definitely keep the following considerations in the back of your mind.

Levels of resistance

It is almost never the case that you will only need one resistance band. This piece of workout equipment comes in different levels of resistance, therefore you will most likely need multiple bands for different exercises. Getting only the lightest or the heaviest band isn’t going to do you much good. For example, generally speaking, your legs are stronger than your arms, and thus you will need at least 2 different bands. The recommended minimum to get is 3 bands: a light, medium, and heavy.

Keeping It Simple

There are many different kinds of resistance bands out there, but not all of them are great. Our recommendation is to get only the single band type that is all one piece. There are other types out there like circular bands, figure eights, and double bands too. While these each have their own particular uses, they aren’t easy to use and they aren’t really meant for beginners either. Their weird design can often get in the way of a decent workout routine.


Another valuable thing to keep in mind is that you may want to get some accessories. With only the resistance bands themselves, you will be able to do a limited number of exercises. To add some variety and extra kick to your routine we would recommend getting some ankle straps, a door anchor, and maybe even some additional bands too.


When buying resistance bands you want to make sure that they have good handles. This means having a solid inner core with comfortable padding on the outside. The handles need to provide grip and comfort at the same time.


Just a quick word about the price; resistance band sets should never put you back more than 100 dollars at the most.


A really important feature when it comes to resistance bands is their durability. It is recommended that you get bands that are made of high-grade latex or rubber. Plus they should also have some sort of anti-snap technology included too.

Resistance Bands Reviews

Our Rating

For the low price that this entire set comes at, there is definitely nothing to complain about. This 11-piece resistance band set comes with absolutely everything that you need to get back into shape in no time at all.


These are probably some of the best resistance bands that we have ever come across. One of our favorite parts about them is that each of the bands is made out of ultra-durable latex so they will last for a long time. Not only that but they also feature patented anti-snap resistance band tube technology combined with double layered latex to make for some really strong bands.

Another thing that we really like about the design of the Master of Muscle 11 Piece Resistance Band Set is that it comes with 5 individual bands, each with different resistance levels. The resistance level starts at 5 pounds and progressively works its way up to 25 pounds with each band. The really cool part is that you can use each band separately or you can attach them to the handles all at once too.

These things are great whether you are an expert or a beginner, because if you factor in that you can attach multiple bands to the clips at once, you can go from 5 all the way up to 75 pounds in resistance. That means that even people who are already fit can still get a great workout from these things.

Of course the Master of Muscle Resistance Bands also have really comfortable handles. Each one fits perfectly in your hand and is padded for optimal comfort. They are perfect for gripping and very easy to hold on to.

Value for the price

Seeing as these resistance bands are durable, have a great multi-clip system, have some really comfortable handles, and are great for all fitness levels, you really can’t get less value here. For just under 20 bucks you get all of the bands, handles, plus more. Included in this set are a door anchor, ankle straps, a carrying bag, and an ebook with 20 different workouts. For that low price, you definitely can’t go wrong.

Build quality

Like we said before, these are probably the best resistance bands we have ever seen and that goes for the build quality too. The Master of Muscle Resistance Bands are made of super durable, double layered, anti-snap latex and are sure to last. Not to mention that the rest of the items in the set are just as durable.


  • Double layered latex
  • Anti-snap technology
  • Great for everyone
  • Comfortable foam grips
  • Multiple items included
  • Several resistance levels


  • Not ideal for advanced weight training

Our Rating

This is a very comprehensive set of resistance bands that comes with a whole lot more than just bands. This will give you that full body workout right at home without any hassle at all.


We are really big fans of the design of the Bodylastics Resistance Bands, mainly because they are built tough. They feature a patented anti-snap design where the rubber is specially layered to be extra durable and resilient. The anti-snap design also ensures that in the rare occasion that a band does snap, it won’t fly up and hit you in the face.

You can pull and tug as hard as you want and they just aren’t going to rip. Not only do they have an anti-snap design, but they are also made of professional quality Malaysian latex. That’s not all because they also have a nylon and ABS combined core to provide for even more stability and strength.

Another thing that we really like about the design is that they use a stackable resistance method. There are 6 different bands included, those having resistance levels of 3, 5, 8, 13, 19, 23, pounds respectively. Put those all together and you have a whole lot of weight. Thanks to the great multi-clip system you can stack all of the bands with each other and only need the one handle. It’s a really convenient way to stack on a lot of resistance without having to hold multiple handles.

Speaking of the handles, each one is extremely comfortable and foam padded for an easy to grip experience. You can also use the door anchors or ankle loops to challenge you even further for a really intense workout.

Value for the price

These resistance bands have a pretty good value for their price. The only reason they aren’t our top pick is because they come close to 40 dollars. They are just as good as our number one pick in terms of usefulness, ease of use, comfort, and durability, but just a little bit more expensive. That being said this set does come with 2 ankle straps, a door anchor, 1 small anywhere anchor, a carrying bag, and an instruction manual too.

Build quality

The Bodylastics Resistance Band Set has an excellent build quality. When you combine the multiple inner linings, the anti-snap technology, and the ultra-strong latex bands, you can’t really go wrong. These things are very durable and all of the included parts are of very high quality. They will definitely do the trick and give you a sound workout.


  • Stackable resistance bands
  • Comfortable grips
  • Multiple straps and anchors included
  • Will work out your whole body
  • Anti-snap technology
  • Very durable


  • Quite expensive

Our Rating

We really like this particular resistance band set because it comes with a variety of resistance levels, it’s comfortable, and affordable too. It even comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, so if something were to happen to it, you can always get the set replaced.


This resistance band set has definitely been designed with ease of use in mind. The convenient clip and loop system allows you to easily change resistance levels with a simple click of a carabineer. Changing the resistance from 2 to 30 pounds has never been easier.

Those clips attach to the ultra-comfortable hand and ankle grips that are very easy to hold and won’t give you blisters either. Another neat feature about these bands is that they are stackable. What this means is that you can use all of them at once for a total of 75 pounds. These bands work well for beginners and experts alike.

The Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set is also very durable and isn’t going to wear away on you like other sets. All of the bands are made from very high-quality rubber that can withstand a whole lot of tension. These things will help you get into shape quickly and will make your arms, legs, and other muscles a lot stronger in the process.

Value for the price

You definitely get a great value for the price when you consider all of the aspects. The Black Mountain Resistance Band Set cost around 27 dollars and that’s pretty cheap when you think about it. They are really durable, not to mention very versatile too. Plus there’s the fact that this set also comes with a door anchor, carrying case, exercise chart, and ankle straps.

Build quality

Like we already mentioned before, the rubber that makes up the most of this resistance band set is really tough and isn’t going to tear apart. Also, all of the foam and metal parts are made of high-grade materials so you know this set is going to last. It’s really neat that you can stack the bands on one handle so you don’t have to hold multiple handles at once.


  • 5 individual resistance levels
  • Bands are stackable
  • High-quality rubber
  • Very affordable
  • Gives you a great limb and core workout
  • Comes with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty


  • Not ideal for intense physical exercise

Our Rating

This is a great resistance band set because the price you are paying is for basic ones, yet these ones are professional gym quality and have some really great features too.


One thing that we really like about the design of these resistance bands is that they are made with only the best materials. The rubber is specially coated and built to withstand even the strongest of people. These are the type of resistance bands that even the real pros use. They come in various resistance levels including 5–10, 15–20, 20–25, 25–30, and 35–50 pounds.

Perhaps the best thing about the DYNAPRO resistance bands is that they feature a patented adjustable connection so you can keep the appropriate amount of tension at all times. This means that you can adjust the length of the resistance bands in order to suit the exercise that you want to do. It’s a great way to work out your arms, back, core, legs, and more.

The next best part about this particular set of resistance bands is that they feature D hand rings. That means that you get constant support and as much grip as you can get no matter which exercises you are doing. The handles also come padded with textured super-grip foam that is comfortable and easy to hold on to.

Value for the price

These things come in at just under 20 dollars per band. They are high-quality bands that will definitely give you a great workout, not to mention that they will last you a very long time.

Build quality

When it comes to the build quality of the DYNAPRO Resistance Bands there is nothing to complain about. They have a great adjustable feature which makes them pretty cool, plus they’re super durable too, so there’s no problem there. Even the handles couldn’t be any better than we could ask for. There is also a 30-day satisfaction back guarantee on these things, so if you don’t like them, you can always get your money back.


  • Adjustable length feature
  • Provide constant resistance
  • Come in 5 different resistance levels
  • Comfortable and easy to hold handles
  • Great for men and women


  • Quite expensive

Our Rating

These are really good basic resistance bands. They come in various resistance levels and will be able to give you the workout that you need.


Something that is really neat about the design of these particular resistance bands is that they are made out of special rubber. Not only is the rubber very durable, but it also provides for gradual resistance so you have a steady workout the whole way through.

We also really like these resistance bands because they have a door attachment included. This means that you can hook one end of the band over a door and do even more exercises. The SPRI Resistance Cords are very versatile and will let you perform a wide array of exercises.

It’s also really convenient that the SPRI Xertube Exercise Cords come in various resistance levels ranging from very light to ultra-heavy, or 5 cords in total. These resistance bands also feature comfortably padded handles that are easy to hold on to and also maintain their integrity over time. With different resistance levels also come different lengths and each cord is progressively longer than the previous one.

Value for the price

These resistance bands have a pretty decent value for their price. Each one comes in at around 20 dollars and each one is sold separately. That being said they will definitely do the trick, plus they’re durable, comfortable, and easy to use too. Plus there is also a door attachment included which of course is an added bonus.

Build quality

When it comes to the build quality of the SPRI Resistance Cords there is nothing negative to be said. The rubber is very durable and resilient, not to mention that the grips and door attachment are pretty strong too. They are comfortable to use and that definitely gets factored into our assessment of the quality.


  • Very durable
  • Allows you to target various muscle groups
  • Come in various resistance levels
  • Comfortable handles with a padded grip
  • Door attachment included


  • Each band is sold separately


The best resistance bands aren’t too hard to find if you know where to look. We personally would recommend any of the 5 which we have listed above. However, if you keep all of the considerations in mind, you can always go search for your own. Remember that a good set of resistance bands does not have to cost all that much, but they can still give you a fantastic full body workout. Any comments you would like to make are more than welcome!