Best Weighted Vests of 2024 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Have you ever wondered what a weighted vest is good for, what you can do with them, and how to choose a good one? All of these questions are very reasonable and thankfully they aren’t very difficult to answer.

In simplest terms, a weighted vest is a great way to add some extra intensity to your workout routine. This has the effect of increasing the results that you get. I have been using one for years and I wouldn’t work out any other way. Now, choosing a certain vest may be a little more difficult.

If you have ever tried shopping around for one, you know that there are a ton of options and each one is slightly different. Today we’re going to talk about weighted vests, their benefits, how you can use one, and we have a list of the top 5 weighted vests which we would recommend. We have the best weighted vest plus a few runner-ups too.

Summary: The Best Weighted Vests

The Benefits Of A Weighted Vest

If you have never considered getting a weighted vest to improve the results of your workout routine, you should probably reconsider that decision. Weighted vests have a great number of benefits that come with using them on a regular basis during your exercising. Here are just some of the benefits that you can reap from using a weighted vest.

Vary Your Workout Loads

Something that is fantastic about weight vests is that they let you bring variation into your routine. Your body gets used to the exercises that you do, especially when you do them on a regular basis. Even if you do a few reps of really heavy weight, your body will get used to that and eventually the results become less and less pronounced. To get the most out of your workout routine it’s best to vary between different weight loads and different numbers of repetitions. Weighted vests are great for this because the weight is adjustable and lets you add some variation to your exercises, thus increasing the results that you get.

Musculoskeletal Strength

The next thing that a weight vest can help with is increasing your musculoskeletal strength. In other words, a weighted vest can make your bones denser and stronger. This is because the increased weight puts extra stress on your bones, thus forcing the bones to create more bone material. The more weight you carry around, the more your bones will be forced to strengthen themselves to compensate for the extra load.

Increased Endurance And Strength

One of the biggest benefits that come with using a weighted vest is that it can help to greatly increase your strength and endurance. Carrying around extra weight during your exercise routine forces your body to use more of its strength and adapt to increased amounts of weight. The more weight you carry around, the more oxygen, calories, and energy your body will use. Your muscles will adapt to carrying around more weight, thus building your strength and endurance. You will especially be able to feel the difference when you are exercising without the vest. You will be able to go harder and longer.

Cardio Benefits

Another big benefit of using a weight vest while doing aerobic exercises, CrossFit training, and cardio is that it helps to improve your cardio. Your lungs and heart will benefit greatly from the increased weight because the extra resistance makes them work harder. Having your cardio system work harder means that it trains harder and gets used to increased amounts of stress, therefore increasing the efficiency at which they work at. A weighted vest can greatly increase your body’s ability to consume oxygen, thus letting you work out at higher intensities for a longer period of time.

Ways You Can Use A Weighted Vest

The great part about weighted vests is that they aren’t only meant for one type of exercise. In fact, these things can be used during a variety of workout routines to make you stronger and healthier. Here are just a few ways in which you can use a weighted vest.


Cycling is a great way to increase your cardio fitness and to strengthen your legs too. Unfortunately, cycling can only do so much and it doesn’t really train your upper body. Using a weight vest will increase the resistance you get when biking, especially on your upper body, thus making your cycling routine more efficient. Cycling with a weighted vest will make you burn more calories much quicker.


Walking and hiking is a great way to burn a few calories, keep fit, and help train your cardiovascular system, but unfortunately those exercises won’t get you that far. A good way to make the easy exercise of walking a little more difficult and calorie consuming is to add some weight in the form of a weight vest.

Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups, lunges, and squats are all great ways to increase your strength level. However, your body does get used to the same exercises and the same weight, that being your weight, and thus the results you see will slowly diminish. A great way to increase the intensity of your push-ups is to simply add some extra weight.

Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is already pretty challenging, but it may not be challenging enough. A good way to up the ante is to wear some extra weight on your upper body. This has the benefit of training additional muscle groups and putting some stress on your cardio system too. Weight lifting with a weighted vest will definitely burn extra calories and increase the muscle gains that you see.

Weighted Vest Reviews

If you aren’t quite sure which weighted vest is best for you, we have searched far and wide to come up with 5 options for you to choose from. Each of our 5 picks has some neat qualities and features which really make them stand out from the rest. Let’s get to it!

Our Rating

This weighted vest is great for virtually any type of exercise and is especially good for running. It’s tough and is easily adjusted, making it one of the best models on the market today.


We really like the design of the ZFOsports Weighted Vest because it tops out at 40 pounds and is very adjustable. You can adjust this vest in increments of 2.5 pounds which means that you can keep upping the weight to quickly increase the difficulty of your workout. It’s great because the small increments make it ideal for making small weight changes that are barely noticeable.

Another great part about this vest is that it fits pretty much anybody. It’s good for smaller women and large men too. Plus, thanks to the padded shoulder straps it’s pretty comfortable too. It creates a snug fit that provides for increased mobility and range of motion to make it seem like you aren’t wearing anything at all.

This professional weighted vest design is great for almost all types of exercising including CrossFit training, weight lifting, bodyweight training, running, and virtually anything else you could think of. Thanks to the adjustable straps you can tighten it any way you want to make it ideal for the exercise at hand. Also to make the weighting even you can choose where on the vest to place the weights, that being on the upper and lower back, the chest, and the stomach.

Value for the price

We found that the ZFOsports weighted vest has an excellent value for the price. It has everything you could possibly need to better your workout routine. It’s not too expensive, it’s comfortable, and easily adjustable too.

Build quality

The build quality of this vest is very high because it’s made of extra durable materials to make it last through even the most rigorous of workouts. While this item is very tough, it does come in multiple pieces that need assembling, making it a little harder to get the hang of at first.


  • Adjustable by 2.5-pound increments
  • Ideal for men and women
  • Will fit most sizes
  • Comfortable and padded
  • Ideal for running and upper body exercises
  • Good build quality


  • May be uncomfortable on very small people
  • Not meant for core/abdominal exercises

Our Rating

The CAP Adjustable Weighted Vest is a really fantastic model and perhaps the best out of all options on the market. It is comfortable, easy to use, meant for advanced exercise enthusiasts, and is built with quality in mind. The only thing keeping this vest out of the top spot is that it is pretty expensive.


Something that we really like about this particular weighted vest is that it is designed with comfort in mind. It is made out of soft and light material that makes it easy to do a variety of workouts with. The specially designed shape is made in order for you to keep as much mobility as possible while also increasing your range of motion too.

Another great part about the CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted vest is that it comes in 2 different versions. One version is 40 pounds heavy and the other is 80 pounds. This makes the CAP Barbell great for advanced and expert fitness gurus that want to add a substantial amount of weight to their routine.

The 80-pound version comes with 20 weights which each weigh 4 pounds. This is fantastic because it means that you can adjust the weight by 4-pound increments all the way up to 80 pounds. This makes it great for progressively increasing the intensity of your exercise regimen. You can start at 4 pounds and work your way up until you reach the maximum weight.

The next great feature about this weighted vest is that you can choose where to place the weights, either on your upper or lower back, your stomach or your chest. This, plus the ergonomically friendly shape, makes this vest ideal for a variety of cardio, CrossFit, and aerobic exercises. It’s also ideal for most people because the easy to adjust straps let you make it bigger or smaller depending on your size.

Value for the price

The value for the price of the CAP Barbell Weighted Vest is fantastic. It is very rugged and durable, comfortable, and designed for a variety of exercises. It is very heavy and designed for the strongest of people to get even stronger with. It may be one of the most expensive models on the list, but it definitely holds its own and will be able to help you get those muscles you were always looking for.

Build quality

This weighted vest is definitely one of the best out there. If the military Kevlar style look of this vest isn’t enough to convince you that it’s durable, then we don’t know what is. This vest is made out of the best materials around and they are designed with flexibility, comfort, and range of motion in mind. Plus the materials are built to last and will be able to stand up to even the most difficult workout routines.


  • Ideal for advanced workout enthusiasts
  • Weight is adjustable in increments
  • Great for a variety of workouts
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Super durable


  • Fairly expensive
  • Not ideal for beginners or smaller people

Our Rating

This weighted vest is a great beginner model for those who want to add some weight to their workout routine, but not too much. It’s comfortable, lightweight, and very versatile.


Something that we really like about the design of the Tone Fitness Weighted Vest is that it is made out of soft neoprene materials. This makes it extra soft and comfortable to make sure that it doesn’t irritate you while exercising. Plus it is also very lightweight and compact which makes working out much easier due to the increased range of motion and mobility that it provides you with.

This weighted vest is 12 pounds heavy with no option to make it lighter or heavier. While this may not be great for more experienced exercise enthusiasts, it definitely does the trick for beginners looking for a challenge. Also, this model is one size fits most, meaning that it will work for men and women, plus all small to large sized people.

This model is fantastic for a wide variety of exercises including aerobics, cardio, bodyweight exercises, and CrossFit training too. This is because its special shape is designed to be ergonomically friendly. It can even be used for core strengthening exercises. It’s a really convenient one piece design that is easy to put on and use.

Something else that is really great about the Tone Fitness Weighted Vest is that it comes with safety reflector strips attached. This means that you will be safe while running outside at night time. This vest is also very convenient because it comes with a built-in pocket designed for MP3 players. Listening to music while working out has never been easier.

Value for the price

The Tone Fitness Weighted vest comes in at an excellent value for its price. It is one of the most affordable options on our list, but it definitely does not come in last. Due to its low price it may not have all that many features or actually be that heavy, but it is perfect for beginners who want to up the ante just a little bit.

Build quality

Not only is neoprene really soft and comfortable, but it is also one of the strongest materials around. This weighted vest may mainly be meant for beginners, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t durable. The build quality of the Tone Fitness vest is very high, plus the type of design that it is makes it great for a multitude of exercises.


  • Great for beginners
  • Works for various types of exercises
  • Safe for nighttime workouts
  • Holds an MP3 player
  • Comfortable and soft design
  • One size fits most


  • Not adjustable in weight
  • Not very heavy
  • May not fit if you are exceptionally small or large

Our Rating

The Empower Women's Weighted Fitness vest is a fantastic option for all women looking to add some weight to their cardio routines. It’s durable, easy to use, and designed with comfort in mind, not to mention that it comes in at a fantastic price.


One of the best parts about the Empower Women’s Weighted Fitness Vest is that it is specially designed for women. Sometimes breasts can get in the way of a good workout, especially when it comes to something like a weighted vest; the ones for men sometimes just don’t fit right. Yet the comfortable X-shaped design of this particular model makes it ideal for women to exercise with. It also has padded shoulders to add even more comfort to your workout routine.

Another great feature when it comes to this vest is that it only weighs 8 pounds. While you may think that 8 pounds isn’t much, it is more than enough added weight to create a great challenge. It’s a really good option for beginners who want to add just a little bit of weight to their routine. Plus it is perfect for bodyweight training, cardio, and aerobic exercises too, all thanks to its innovative shape.

The next fantastic part about the Empower Women's Weighted Fitness Vest is that it is made out of extra flexible and super soft neoprene materials. Neoprene is designed to be lightweight, versatile, flexible, and durable too. This material won’t break, plus it is very comfortable to work out with. The X shape of this weighted vest is also a plus because it helps to increase mobility and your overall range of motion.

Also, we all know that something like a weighted vest can get dirty and sweaty. Thankfully the Empower Women’s Weighted Vest is very easy to maintain through some spot cleaning. All you need to do is to use a wet cloth to wipe it clean.

Value for the price

This weighted vest comes at a pretty decent value for its price indeed. It comes in at a medium price range, making it affordable, plus its comfort, durability, and flexibility make it a big plus for sure. This vest doesn’t have the fanciest features of all, but it does great for beginner ladies looking to lose some weight.

Build quality

Finally we also really like the build quality of this particular weight vest. The neoprene material is very comfortable and flexible. Flexibility is a key factor because it means that it won’t rip when stretched. The material this vest is made of is very durable too. Also, the adjustable clips are very durable and make adjusting this vest as easy as could be.


  • Ideal for women of all sizes
  • Easily adjustable to fit properly
  • Lightweight and great for beginners
  • Has a great value
  • Flexible and durable design
  • Super comfortable shape


  • Not very heavy or meant for advanced exercisers
  • Not built for men

Our Rating

This is a great weighted vest that is ideal for bodyweight exercises and other simple workouts. It’s a basic model that comes in at an affordable price and it will definitely do the trick.


One thing that is fantastic about the Cross 101 Weighted Vest is that it has a one piece design. There aren’t multiple pieces and no extra straps needed. All you need to do is to put on the vest and use the attached Velcro belt to fit it to your body.

Another good thing about this vest is that it is very compact and built for even the smallest of people. It comes in at 13 inches wide and 15 inches in length, making it ideal for smaller and medium sized people. This makes this vest ideal for weight training, bodyweight exercises, and CrossFit training.

The next convenient feature about this model of weighted vest is that it comes with 4 x 10-pound weights that can be removed at will. The Cross 101 goes from 0 to 40 pounds in 4-pound increments. This lets you progressively add more weight as your workout routines advance to the next level.

Value for the price

The Cross 101 Adjustable Weighted Vest has a pretty decent value for its price. The range in which it is adjustable is satisfactory for beginners, it’s compact, and the build quality is quite good. It’s not one of the cheapest options on this list, but it certainly looks to be a professional workout aid.

Build quality

You will be pretty impressed with the Cross 101 because its build quality is quite good. As far as its build quality is concerned, it’s made out of high-grade materials that are sure to last for a very long time. The weight pouches are placed in ideal areas that don’t get in the way and it’s pretty comfortable to wear too. The only downside is that the shoulders don’t have too much padding, thus making it less than ideal for running.


  • Great value
  • Adjustable in 4-pound increments
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Ideal for bodyweight exercises and CrossFit
  • 1 piece design
  • Small and compact


  • Large weight increments
  • Not ideal for running
  • Might not fit larger people


If you haven’t already gone out to get yourself a weighted vest, it might be best if you do it soon. You will see incredible results from using one of these things and you definitely won’t regret getting one. Of course, we would recommend getting one of the 5 that we have reviewed because in our opinion they are the best around. Obviously, our top pick for the best weighted vest is the one by ZFOsports.

If you are still wondering about how to use a weighted vest or if there is anything else that you should know before choosing one, please feel free to ask us anything. Also if you have any comments or suggestions as to what some other really great weighted vests are, we would love to hear from you.