Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

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The Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike is a fantastic recumbent bike model to go with. This is one of the highest rated models in the world today and it is thanks to its very high-quality build, ergonomic and comfortable design, and the plethora of features that it comes with. For the price you are paying, the Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike is definitely a good investment.


We were unfortunately unable to find a comprehensive overview video for this model, but below is a video on the Sole Fitness brand name and their exercise bikes in general.

Main Features

There is a good reason why the Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike is one of the best recumbent home bikes in the world at this moment. It is because it has a multitude of features to make your biking experience easy, fun, and rewarding.

  • Quiet magnetic resistance
  • Resistance easily adjustable – 20 levels
  • Durable yet lightweight frame
  • 300-pound weight capacity
  • Comfortably padded seat
  • Seat adjustments are easy to make – 12 positions
  • 10 workout programs
  • Awesome 9-inch LCD display
  • Easy to navigate system
  • Includes a heart rate monitor
  • Ergonomically designed pedals
  • 2 wheels for easy transportation
  • Speakers included – MP3/iPod compatible
  • Bluetooth capabilities – fitness tracking apps
  • Includes air fans for cooling
  • Has a water bottle holder

Dimensions & Weight

Surprisingly enough, the Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike, thanks to its lightweight steel tube design, is not nearly as heavy as one would think from the look of it. It is a fairly light recumbent bike, plus its dimensions are not giant either. In terms of space and weight, this item does not have a huge footprint.

  • Length: 57 inches
  • Width: 30 inches
  • Height: 50 inches
  • Weight: 134 pounds


While the Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike will cost you a fair chunk of change, it does come with a great warranty in case something goes wrong. The Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, a 3-year warranty for all moving parts and electronic parts, and a 1-year warranty on labor.


Right off the bat, if you want to get expert assembly, you can choose to pay an extra fee to have an expert assemble it in your home. In terms of self-assembly, the job is not that difficult. All parts and nuts, bolts, and washers are separated into little packages so you don’t have to dig around and separate everything. You will have to use some of your own tools such as wrenches and screwdrivers, as the ones provided are not ideal. Assembly itself is fairly straightforward, as the instructions are clear and easy to follow. The Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike does not weigh too much, so it is possible to do on your own. Expect to take around 1.5 hours for assembly if you are working on your own. Here is a link to the assembly instructions.

What We Like About The Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike

There are a few really awesome standout features about the Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike that we would love to discuss, so what are they?

One of the best parts about the Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike is that it uses a 26-pound flywheel combined with magnetic resistance to provide you with a challenge. The flywheel is great for building up inertia to provide you with a very smooth and stable ride. The magnetic resistance itself is extremely quiet and smooth. We like magnetic resistance not only because it is very smooth and quiet, but also because there are no parts touching, which means drastically decreased wear and tear, thus increasing its overall longevity. The resistance can be easily adjusted with the computer console with the click of a button. There are 20 different resistance levels to choose from, making it a very versatile recumbent bike that is ideal for any fitness level.

Another thing that we like about the Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike is that it is built for comfort and to fit anyone that uses it. First off, the seat uses special foam padding on both the bottom and back rest. It is a very soft and comfortable seat which is ergonomically designed to offer you as much back and buttocks support as possible. This item is designed for people who need some extra support. The seat can actually be adjusted forward or backward to 12 different positions to accommodate your specific height and leg length. Moreover, the pedals are also designed for comfort. The pedals are self-leveling, oversized, and are inclined 2 degrees to the inside in order to match the natural shape of your feet. The position of the pedals is designed to put your body and legs in an anatomically correct position to eliminate strains and aches that can be caused by other models.

We also like how the Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike uses high grade steel tubing in its frame. This steel tubing makes the frame extremely lightweight, plus it has wheels in the front, making it easy to maneuver around your home. The tubes, while very strong and durable, are indeed hollow, which means that the Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike is also lightweight. The combination of both of these factors is what we really like. It’s a lightweight recumbent bike with a full 300-pound weight limit.

Something else we like about this particular recumbent bike is that it comes with a fantastic LCD display and computer system. The display itself is 9 inches large, so it is more than large enough to read with ease, plus it has backlighting too, so seeing it in the dark is no problem. Moreover, the computer system comes with 10 programs. It has 6 preset programs, 2 user programs, and 2 heart rate based programs. You can choose to follow a program or you can set the bike to your own preferences too. The display is also Bluetooth compatible, which means that you can store and download your workout data on your mobile phone or tablet. It lets you connect to fitness apps so you can closely monitor your progress. The display itself monitors RPM, speed, time, distance, calories, and with the heart rate monitors built into the handlebars, it will display your heart rate as well.

The other thing that we love about the Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike is that it comes with many extra features to make your life much easier. First off, it comes with high grade speakers and is also iPod, MP3, and Bluetooth compatible, so you can listen to your favorite tunes in style. Moreover, the Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike also comes with a fan to keep you cool while you bike, plus it has a nifty water bottle holder too.

What We Don’t Like About The Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike is our top rated recumbent bike at this moment, so there is honestly not too many things that we don’t like about it. Anything wrong with it is fairly minor, but still worth mentioning.

We don’t like how you have to have your own tools for assembly. There are some provided, but it has been noted that they are not adequate for the task at hand.

The fan is not very powerful at all, plus the speakers don’t have a very good bass sound. While these extras are cool and useful to a certain degree, they could be improved upon.

Some exposed bolts make the Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike look slightly unfinished. If the look of the bike is not that important to you, then this is not a real issue.

Alternatives To The Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike

To give you a little comparison point on what you are buying, let’s compare the Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike to some of the other high end models out there today.

Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike

This model is also a very fine one, and is in fact another very highly rated recumbent bike. One thing that needs to be mentioned right from the get go is that the Nautilus model is substantially less expensive than the Sole Fitness R92. However, the Sole Fitness R92 does seem to be a little better. It has a better designed seat with more ergonomically friendly pedals, plus its frame seems to be a little more stable too. In terms of comfort, the Sole Fitness is probably a little better than the Nautilus. Keep in mind that a part of the price difference may also have to do with the fact that Sole Fitness is an extremely well-known, trusted, and highly rated brand name. That being said, the Nautilus R616 does have 25 levels of resistance and 29 programs, whereas the Sole Fitness R92 has 20 resistance levels and 10 programs. The Nautilus is not quite as space friendly as the Sole Fitness R92.

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Exercise Bike

In terms of the differences between this Schwinn model and the Sole Fitness R92, it is helpful to look at the Nautilus model discussed just above. This model by Schwinn is nearly identical to the Nautilus R616. Both have the same type of resistance and amount of resistance levels, both have virtually the same frame with the same capacity, and both have the same number of user programs. When it comes to comparing this Schwinn bike to the Sole Fitness model, the Schwinn 270 is much less expensive, but it also does not have as good a seat, as many seat positions, nor are the pedals specially designed for anatomical correctness. If you need a high end model, with maybe not as many features as the Sole Fitness R92, but with a lower price tag, the Schwinn 270 is definitely a good option to consider.

Final Thoughts On The Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike is an excellent recumbent bike no doubt, and is in fact the highest rated model on the market right now. Overall, this model has a great build quality, it is durable yet lightweight, fairly easy to assemble, and much more. It has 20 levels of smooth and quiet magnetic resistance, an ergonomic seat, anatomically correct pedals, and a ton of extra features too. In terms of quality, functionality, and the value you get for the price you are paying, you would be hard pressed to find a better model today.