Stamina InMotion Rower Review

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Another good choice of rowing machine to go with, the Stamina InMotion Rower is a very affordable yet durable and pretty functional rowing machine option to consider. It is a lower end model, but it will definitely provide you with a good overall rowing workout.


For a little extra information about the Stamina InMotion Rower such as its main features you can always check out this little video.

Main Features

The Stamina InMotion Rower has some really great features for you to work with, especially considering the very low price that it comes in at.

  • 5 levels of resistance.
  • Hydraulic resistance.
  • Standing frame for storage.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Solid steel construction.
  • 250-pound weight capacity.
  • Comfortable seat.
  • Pivoting footplates.
  • Multi-function monitor

Dimensions & Weight

Something that you will definitely appreciate about the Stamina InMotion Rower is that it is very lightweight, plus it saves space too, which is convenient for anyone who doesn’t have too much room to spare.

  • Length: 56.5 inches (144 cm)
  • Width: 19 inches (48 cm)
  • Height: 23.5 inches (60 cm)
  • Seat Height: 11 inches (28 cm)
  • Weight: 27 pounds


Since the Stamina InMotion Rower does not cost all that much, coming in at just under 80 dollars, the warranty it comes with is very limited. It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 90 days on the moving parts and 1 year on the frame.


The Stamina InMotion Rower is fairly difficult to assemble for first timers. You can hire expert assembly for another 100 dollars, but most people do not want to do that. You will need various tools of your own to assemble the Stamina InMotion Rower. Screwdrivers, wrenches, and other tools will be required. Also, the instructions are not the best either. Expect to take at least 1 hour to assemble this rowing machine.

What We Like About The Stamina InMotion Rower

We are pretty big fans of this entry level rowing machine. It doesn’t cost all that much, which is definitely a big bonus all on its own, but it does also have various other features which you might like as much as we do.

The Stamina InMotion Rower comes with 5 different levels of resistance. This makes it ideal for beginners who are looking for a light cardio and resistance training workout. This allows a beginner to progress from a light exercise routine to something a little more challenging, all without having to spend an arm and a leg. The hydraulic resistance is fairly durable, reliable, and can be easily adjusted with the turn of a knob. Many people like the fact that this type of resistance, hydraulic, does not produce much vibration or noise.

The Stamina InMotion Rower comes with a pretty decent performance monitor. The particular monitor included on this model is a multi-function monitor that can keep track of things such as distance, strokes per minute, workout time, and calories burned. It is not a very advanced monitoring system, but when it comes to basic tracking it does its job just fine.

What we do really like about the Stamina InMotion Rower is that the whole thing only weighs under 30 pounds. Moreover, the footprint it has is extremely small, plus it can even be stood up on its end for compact storage. Anybody who doesn’t want to waste space on a huge rowing machine, or lug around a heavy rower, the Stamina InMotion Rower is a good option to consider.

The Stamina InMotion Rower has a very comfortably padded seat. It features very durable upholstery that is double stitched into place, so you know that it will last you for a long time to come. The seat is well padded, ergonomically designed, and is about as comfortable as it gets. On a side note, the pivoting foot straps are also very comfortable to work with. The foot straps pivot with your feet for the utmost in comfort.

Finally, the Stamina InMotion Rower is made with a solid steel construction. Simply put, it’s a pretty tough rowing machine that is not going to break down within the first few uses.

What We Don’t Like About The Stamina InMotion Rower

Of course, there are a few things that could be better about the Stamina InMotion Rower. So, what are they?

While the Stamina InMotion Rower is made out of solid steel, it does only have a 250-pound weight limit. This could be a problem for some heavier set people out there.

The Stamina InMotion Rower does have a small footprint and small overall size, but anyone over 6 feet tall is going to have a problem using this rower, just for that reason. This thing is not built for tall or heavy people.

Only having 5 levels of resistance limits the workout capabilities which the Stamina InMotion Rower can provide you with.

Alternatives To The Stamina InMotion Rower

For a little more perspective, let’s compare the Stamina InMotion Rower to some of the other entry level rowing machines on our list.

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine 

This is a good rowing machine, and in fact, it is our favorite entry level rowing machine. This rower is of the same brand name as the InMotion, as well, the price is about the same. The Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine is just a few bucks more expensive. Realistically, more or less everything about these two models is virtually the same. One of the biggest differences, however, is that the Body Trac does mimic real rowing better, plus it is a little bit tougher and has a better monitoring system too. However, the InMotion does cost a little less, has a small footprint, is comfortable, and it is still a good option no doubt.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1410 Rowing Machine with Full-Motion Arms 

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1410 Rowing Machine with Full-Motion Arms has a few neat features you might like, especially for the low price it comes in at. This particular model has 12 levels of resistance, it mimics real rowing quite well, it has a solid steel frame, a comprehensive monitoring system, and much more. It does, however, have a slightly lower max user weight limit than the Stamina InMotion Rower, plus it is also a fair bit heavier too.

Final Thoughts On The Stamina InMotion Rower

Fort the really low price which the Stamina InMotion Rower comes in at, there is really nothing to complain about. It is a basic rowing machine with a decent user weight limit, 5 levels of resistance, a steel frame, and a basic monitoring system. There is nothing inherently special about this rowing machine, but for the awesome price it comes in at, it is definitely a good option to consider in terms of an entry level rower.