Best Soccer Cleats of 2023 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Soccer is a sport that everybody should try playing, even if it is just one single time. It’s a fun sport that lets you interact with others, it lets you learn teamwork, and it is great for your physical health too. However, just like with every other sport and form of exercise out there, if you want to play soccer and have a serious chance of being successful, there are certain pieces of equipment that you will need. Well, for soccer that piece of equipment comes in the form of the soccer cleat, a studded shoe built for speed, traction, and ball control. Not all cleats are the same because there are many different types, not to mention different brands with varying levels of quality.

Today we are here to help you find the best soccer cleats that your money can buy, ones which are comfortable and will improve your game too!

Summary: The Best Soccer Cleats

Soccer Cleats – Different Shoes For Different Positions

One of the first things that you need to keep in mind about soccer cleats is that there are many different kinds of them, each of which is usually ideal for a specific position on the soccer field. Different positions on the field, such as midfielder, goalkeeper, or forward, have different requirements and different jobs on the field, and that means needing a different cleat.


The most important feature of a cleat for the position of forward is a good strike zone and great foot to ball feeling for precision strikes and passing. A forward’s cleat should also be lightweight for quick and explosive shots. A forward would do well with a Power type cleat, which means that it comes with features across the strike zone to enhance shooting abilities.

Goal Keepers

A goalkeeper needs to have a cleat with good studs for quick lateral movements in order to stop the ball from going into the net. For a goalie, a good strike zone for kick outs as well as excellent traction are a must have. A goalkeeper would do well with a Speed type cleat because they allow for very fast movement.


A winger needs to have a really lightweight soccer cleat as well as a good strike zone and ball handling capabilities for passing to the forwards. This means having a cleat that provides for great acceleration, traction, and foot to ball feel. Wingers would be wise to wear a control type cleat, as they are best for passing, something that wingers do a lot of.


The main feature to look out for when it comes to the position of defense is actually defense. In other words, a thicker shoe will offer a defender the necessary protection to make aggressive plays. Good ball control for passing up to the midfielders and forwards is also a bonus. Defenders would do well with a classic old school cleat because they tend to be very durable, something that is necessary when playing an aggressive defense.


These guys need a good all-around shoe, mainly because they do everything. A midfielder’s cleats need to be comfortable, have good support, and be well padded because they do a lot of running up and down the field. Midfielders would do well with a control type cleat, which means that they are designed for making accurate passes and ball handling, plus they are usually pretty comfortable. Another good option is a hybrid cleat because they incorporate the features of all kinds of cleats.

Different Cleats For Different Types Of Fields

The different positions do need different types of cleats, but what is also true is that there are different cleats for different types of fields. What type of field you play on goes a long way in dictating what type of soccer cleat you need to get. Let’s go over the different types of fields quickly and what type of cleat is ideal for each of them. Just get the cleats labeled for your corresponding field type and you will be just fine.

Firm Ground

Many soccer cleats are of the firm ground variety, which means that they are built for running on natural grass surfaces that are fairly hard and do not contain much moisture.

Artificial Ground

Artificial turf made of fake grass, such as is found on NFL fields, are good all-around fields. They offer excellent traction, thus they do not require cleats with overly aggressive studs for traction.

Soft Ground

Soft ground fields are usually outdoor fields where it rains a lot and the pitch contains a lot of moisture. This requires a soccer cleat with a very high amount of traction.

Hard Ground

Hard ground fields are those which usually have the grass worn away and consist of compacted dirt, or even some kind of man made surface. It’s good to have low profile cleats with conical studs for these surfaces.


Indoor fields are usually hard as a rock as they tend to be made of laminate or other floor materials. You definitely do not want cleats with studs for this kind of soccer pitch.

It is up to you to figure out where you are going to be playing, then match the soccer cleats to the field that you are on. For instance, firm ground soccer cleats will be labeled with “FG”.

Why Do I Need Soccer Cleats?

Soccer cleats are absolutely necessary if you want to have any chance of winning a game of soccer, and that is true for various reasons. First off, those soccer fields can get pretty slippery from the rain, and hard ground fields or other fields can also be tricky to get good traction on. Something like a running or skateboarding shoe will definitely not provide you with the traction you need for making quick turns, stopping on the spot, and high-speed acceleration, but soccer cleats do.

Moreover, soccer cleats are specially designed for ball handling, something which other shoes are not. A soccer cleat usually has special features including a gripping texture and thin materials to allow for you to feel the ball. Moreover, soccer cleats will usually have some kind of strike zone for making precision shots, which is all about the toe. The toe box on other shoes is not designed for shooting and therefore the ball could go in any which direction if you make a shot with shoes other than soccer cleats.

Also, soccer cleats help to provide you with stability and good balance thanks to being low profile in nature. Moreover, a snug pair of soccer cleats will go a long way in providing you with a tight fit that allows for rapid acceleration and lateral movement. Finally, if you are playing an aggressive game of soccer, then a pair that offers you protection from the cleats of other players is always an added bonus.

Things To Look Out For When Buying Soccer Cleats

Soccer cleats can end up being fairly expensive, so there are a few key aspects you need to keep in mind before making your final purchase.

Ball Handling

Perhaps the most important thing for any pair of soccer cleats is how well they allow you to handle the ball. First and foremost, the upper of the shoe, or in this case the area surrounding the toes, needs to be specially shaped to enhance your ability to pass, strike, and dribble.

Moreover, the soccer cleats you get need to have a good strike zone for scoring goals, with a great feature being a folded tongue and flat laces that will not touch the ball when you shoot. Also, a great thing for any soccer cleat to have is a textured upper, which will allow for great grip on the ball. Finally, a soccer cleat should be fairly thin so that your foot can feel the ball through them, thus increasing your ability to make precision shots and passes.


This is something which we already talked about at length in the previous sections. The bottom line is that soccer fields can get pretty slippery, either because of the rain or because they are very hard. In most cases, you will want soccer cleats with a good stud alignment which will allow you to stop quickly, turn on a dime, be agile, and have explosive acceleration.

There is nothing worse than wanting to get to the ball but not being able to because you are slipping and sliding all over the place. Remember to consider the type of field you will be playing on as well as what position you play when looking at the studs/traction of the soccer cleat in question.


Yet another thing to consider before buying any pair of soccer cleats is what materials they are made of. As you may know, we are big fans of leather, and that is because leather is very durable. It does not take a very thick layer of leather to provide you with durability, plus a thin layer of leather is great for being able to feel the ball through the cleats for precision ball control.

There are also models made with synthetic leather, which is pretty much like real leather, but is usually cheaper and may even be waterproof. Keep in mind that synthetic leather is not quite as good for feeling the ball.

Some soccer cleats are made totally out of synthetic materials, which can actually be more durable than leather, but the ball control you get from them may not be as good. Another thing that many soccer cleats now feature is mesh, something that is very lightweight and breathable, plus it offers good ball control, but it is not very durable and may leak water too.

Cushioning & Support

Now, most soccer cleats will not have a great amount of either cushioning or support, but the more expensive high-class models do. Feet can start to become very painful after running around for 90 minutes, which could be due to a very hard running surface or because of inadequate arch support. A good pair of soccer cleats will offer you both of those things in order to let you play soccer for as long as you want without all of the pain that comes with non-cushioned cleats with bad or non-existent support.


Yet another thing that you need to pay attention to before you buy any pair of soccer cleats is how stable they are. This means having a low profile shoe where the bottom of your foot is low to the ground. The lower your feet are to the ground, the better your center of gravity is, and the better you will be able to stay upright and balanced. Moreover, a good pair of soccer cleats should provide you with a very tight and snug fit, one in which your feet do not move around in, which is to provide you with stability and great acceleration.

Lightweight Ventilation

This is kind of a tradeoff and it is one you need to pay attention to. You don’t want your feet getting too hot and sweaty while playing, nor do you want to lug around cinder blocks on your feet. Those things are going to make you tired, give you blisters, and make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, a lightweight shoe that is well ventilated is something to look out for. On the other hand, the thinner and lighter the shoes are, the less durable they will be due to having less material.

Soccer Cleats Reviews

Our Rating

Puma really is a great brand and they show that with this awesome pair of soccer cleats. The evoSPEED Firm Ground Soccer cleats are very well made, extremely tough, they have a great stud pattern, an anatomic design, and provide you with precision ball handling too.


One of the things that set these soccer cleats apart from the rest is the fact that they have an anatomically correct design. The Puma evoSPEED Soccer Cleats are designed to fit the shape of your feet and to reinforce that shape at the same time. Your arches will definitely not hurt when you wear these cleats because they will be very well supported. Also, the insole of these shoes is fairly soft and thick, but also lightweight. This helps you by offering you a lightweight shoe that still has a whole lot of cushioning and impact absorption capabilities.

Moreover, these particular cleats offer you great speed and stability on firm ground. They feature a mix of conical and blade studs in order to offer you a great soccer experience. These things help keep you stable and help to prevent rolled ankles, while at the same time providing you with awesome acceleration, turning, and traction too.

Also, these things come with a specially textured toe box which makes it easy to control the ball, pass, dribble, and shoot it. Next, these shoes are made with thin and extra soft synthetic leather, something which is ideal for soccer cleats no doubt. The synthetic leather is very strong and durable, yet it is also soft enough to give your feet a good feel for the ball whenever you make contact with it. Furthermore, the tongue on this pair of soccer cleats is specially designed to keep debris out of the cleats as you play, a great aspect no doubt.

Value for money

It really is a huge surprise that the Puma evoSPEED Soccer Cleats only cost 50 bucks, a very fair price for such a great pair of cleats. These things do literally everything that is necessary for a totally enjoyable game of soccer. This includes great traction and stability, a snug fit, superior ball control, an anatomically correct design, and decent padding too.

Build quality

The build quality of these Puma soccer cleats is just out of this world, especially when you consider the awesomely low price they come in at. The synthetic leather is very durable and built to last for many seasons to come, plus it is also lightweight and soft, things which help to increase your speed and ball control. There is also the fact that these shoes feature a superior combination of studs for the best traction you have ever experienced.


  • Conical and blade studs for traction, acceleration, stability, and agility
  • Decent amount of cushioning
  • Anatomically correct support
  • Awesome for ball handling
  • Great for firm ground
  • Snug and tight fit
  • Look amazing
  • Very lightweight
  • Extremely durable build


  • Pretty narrow

Our Rating

When it comes to durable, high-quality, and very functional soccer cleats, you should definitely check out the Mercurial Victory IV model from Nike. If you want a great combination of value, performance, and build quality, then these cleats are ones you should consider for sure.


One of the best parts about the Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory IV FG Soccer Shoe is that it features a textile top specially contoured midsole sock liner. Yes, that is a lot to take in, but the fact of the matter is that these things help to provide you with unrivaled support. This sock liner, as well as the frame of the shoe, is specially designed to fit the shape of your feet and to support your arches from the bottom, something that is very important if you want your feet to remain pain free for the duration of the game.

Moreover, this sock liner midsole is excellent for providing you with a high level of cushioning and impact absorption, the result being a soft cloud-like shoe that is very comfy to run in. The cushioning is great, but it is also low profile, which is great for keeping your feet close to the ground, ultimately aiding in stability. Speaking of stability, these soccer cleats are made with an internal cage that helps to lock down your foot and keep it snuggly in place no matter how long you wear them for.

Also, these soccer cleats are great in terms of traction, agility, and explosive acceleration. This is true because not only do these things have a great stud pattern that is specially designed for speed, but also because of the full-length TPU outsole which they feature. The outsole helps give you traction and is also very durable at the same time.

In terms of ball control, this model of Nike soccer cleat is great for that too. The toe of the shoe is engineered for precise striking and the texture on the whole upper is made to give you great grip on the ball. Also, the materials used to build these cleats, while being very durable and built to last, is also very thin, thus allowing you to feel the ball with your feet through the cleats with ease.

Value for money

These particular soccer cleats by Nike will cost you somewhere around 80 dollars. They are some of the more expensive cleats on this list, but when you consider all of the things that they do for your feet and your ability to win a soccer game, 80 bucks is not very much money to be spending at all. If you are worried about not getting enough bang for your buck, when it comes to these cleats, your worries are unwarranted.

Build quality

The build quality of the Nike Mercurial Victory IV Soccer Cleats is just awesome. The materials used in their construction are all very rugged and tough, the shoe is great for handling, striking, and ball control, they are locked down and stable, and they have a great stud pattern for traction, speed, and acceleration. All of these things combine to make one fantastic high-quality pair of soccer cleats.


  • Good cushioning and impact absorption
  • Support the bottom of your feet well
  • Snug and locked down fit
  • Durable build
  • Very stable
  • Great ball handling abilities
  • Awesome speed, turning, acceleration, and traction
  • TPU outsole for ultimate durability


  • Tight and narrow

Our Rating

These are without a doubt some of the best soccer cleats that you are going to get your hands on. They come with a multitude of features that make them perfect for any game of soccer. Comfort, durability, traction, and ball handling are all things that the Messi 15.3 Soccer Cleat does extremely well.


Something that everyone can appreciate about the design of the Messi 15.3 Soccer Cleat is that it has a great stud configuration. These things come with a Dynamic Messi Gambetrax stud configuration that provides you with a whole lot of traction and explosive speed whenever you play soccer. Even better is the MessiPrint center stud combined with the Skeleton outsole which helps provide you with a ton of traction and great agility on any firm or artificial ground.

Yet another thing that makes the Adidas Messi 15.3 Soccer Cleat such a fantastic choice is the MessiTouch X-ray surface on the top and sides of the shoe. This helps your feet to grip the ball for the ultimate in control, handling, and striking abilities. On that same note, the uppers of these cleats are made with synthetic leather, which helps to keep them durable but also helps give you a good feel for the ball.

Thanks to the synthetic leather build, these soccer cleats are also very comfortable and flexible to wear. They work with the shape of your feet instead of against them, something that everybody can appreciate. Moreover, these things also come with a synthetic inner lining which is great because it helps give you a secure and snug fit as well as step-in comfort.

The inner lining does also help to add a certain amount of cushioning and support for your feet in order to keep them comfortable and pain free for the duration of any soccer game. Also, the collar and tongue are both well-padded to stop them from digging into your ankles as you play. We also can’t forget the fact that the Adidas Messi 15.3 Soccer Cleats look simply stunning thanks to their colorful design.

Value for money

These particular Adidas cleats will cost you around 60 dollars, which is a surprisingly low price if you ask us. They definitely bring value to the table and it is thanks to the advanced stud design, the durable build, the flexible nature, and the comfortable inner lining of these shoes, not to mention the advanced ball control capabilities which they offer.

Build quality

The build quality of these Messi Soccer Cleats is very good indeed. You won’t even notice the difference between the synthetic leather that these shoes are made of and real leather used for other cleats. These things are very durable and built for longevity, their stud design offers great explosive agility and traction, and the special lining on the upper makes ball control and precision striking easier than ever.


  • Texture for ball control
  • Stud design for explosive agility
  • Great traction
  • Ideal for firm and artificial ground
  • Inner lining for comfort
  • Quite durable
  • Padded tongue and collar


  • Could have more underfoot support and cushioning
  • Run fairly small

Our Rating

This is a really great cleat choice to go with. Nike has really outdone themselves this time, and we aren’t only talking about the vibrant design of the Mercurial Vortex III FG Soccer Cleats. These things will provide you with absolutely everything you need for an awesome game of soccer plus a whole lot more.


One of the things that we absolutely love about the Nike Mercurial Vortex III FG Soccer Shoe is that it is one of the rare pairs of soccer cleats that actually offer your feet with a certain level of support. These things are designed to be anatomically correct and to reinforce the natural shape of your feet. In other words, these particular Nike cleats are great because they provide you with a ton of arch support. This is great for a long game of soccer that can put a real hurt on your feet, plus it is even better for anybody who suffers from flat feet or overpronation.

What we also really like about these Nike soccer cleats is that they feature a soft yet durable pattern all along the upper, not to mention that they are very thin and flexible too. Being thin and flexible is great for comfort, but the best part about that is that they really let you feel the ball through the shoes. The result of their thin build combined with the textured upper is ultimately superior precision striking and ball handling capabilities, something which you definitely need if you have any hope of winning the game. There is also the fact that being thin and flexible makes these cleats lightweight and helps them to mold to the shape of your feet for an unrivaled fit and a very snug shoe in which your feet are not going to move around in a whole lot.

The lace up closure helps to provide you with a custom fit too. Another great part about these cleats is that they have a fantastic stud pattern on the outsole, one which is ideal for firm ground. Getting enough traction, acceleration, and turning power in these cleats is definitely not a problem. It is also worth mentioning that the Nike Mercurial Vortex III Soccer Cleats are made with some very durable materials and will outlast most other options out there, plus their color scheme is out of this world too.

Value for money

The Nike Mercurial Vortex III Soccer Shoes are going to run you somewhere around 60 bucks. This is a very reasonable price for any pair of soccer cleats, let alone ones as high-quality as these ones. They have awesome support, are comfortable, have good traction, are durable, and have great ball control abilities too, all valuable aspects for sure.

Build quality

We are big fans of these Nike soccer cleats, especially because of their high-quality build. These things are about as durable as any cleats can be, they have amazing arch support for comfort, and they provide you with unrivaled traction and ball handling abilities. Quality is not something you need to worry about when it comes to these cleats.


  • Awesome arch support
  • Ergonomic design for comfort
  • Excellent for firm ground
  • Great traction, turning, and acceleration
  • Good for ball handling and striking
  • Very durable


  • Fit somewhat small
  • Not much cushioning

Our Rating

This is neither the first or last time you are going to see Adidas cleats on this list, and it is because they do an outstanding job at manufacturing excellent cleats hands down. A great fit, comfortable flexibility, durability, traction, and ball control are all things which the Adidas Ace 17.3 Primemesh FG Soccer Shoe does very well.


Without a doubt, the best aspect of these soccer cleats is the Total Control stud alignment which they feature. When these guys say total control, they really do mean it, because if you are playing on first and second generation artificial grass, these cleats will provide you with unparalleled ball acceleration, turning, and the best traction which you have ever experienced.

Moreover, the Adidas Ace 17.3 Primemesh Soccer Shoe features a spectacular pattern on the upper which has been specially engineered to grip the ball with ease and provide you with a great surface for striking and ball control. Moreover, the top layer on the upper is also useful because it helps to keep water and debris out of your shoes, both things which can be problematic in terms of a long game of soccer. Also, the collar and tongue on these cleats are both designed to keep out debris, plus to not dig into your ankles either, yet another comfort factor.

Speaking of ball control, and for that matter comfort, these things feature a Primemesh upper, which means that they provide you with a sock like fit. It will almost feel like you aren’t wearing any cleats at all, something which is great for letting you move instinctively so you can always be the first one to the ball and the best person at handling it too. These soccer cleats are made with very durable materials, they provide for a sock like fit, and they are extremely comfortable to wear too.

Value for money

The Adidas Ace 17.3 Primemesh Soccer Shoe is going to cost you around 80 bucks, which may seem a little expensive when compared to some of the other options on this list, but when you consider how good these shoes are, the picture painted is quite different. Durability, comfort, handling, control, and traction are all valuable aspects which these cleats bring to your soccer field.

Build quality

We are big fans of these cleats and it is in part because of their awesome build quality. The textured upper is great for ball control and for keeping out debris, the Total Control stud pattern works miracles for your footwork, and the sock like fit provides you with a secure and comfortable shoe that you won’t want to take off even long after the game is done.


  • Good for firm ground
  • Awesome traction and acceleration
  • Great for ball handling
  • Comfortable tongue and collar
  • Keep out debris
  • Flexible sock like fit
  • No wear in time required


  • Not great for soft turf

Our Rating

This is a great soccer cleat to go with for several different reasons. It is a very lightweight, durable, and comfortable soccer cleat that will offer you amazing ball handling abilities the very second you put them on.


Without a doubt, the best feature of the Adidas Performance Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe is the fact that it is made completely out of leather. The bottom line is that leather is durable, it is fairly waterproof, and it also helps to stretch itself out to conform to the shape of your feet. There is just nothing better than a good pair of leather soccer cleats.

Another thing that makes this model of soccer cleat ideal for everybody is the fact that it features a die cut EVA insole. This insole is very lightweight so you will barely know that it is there, but it still manages to provide you with some pretty good cushioning and arch support. Playing soccer in these cleats is very comfortable thanks to adequate cushioning and impact absorption, not to mention that they are great for providing your feet with bottom up support to reinforce the natural shape of your feet.

To make these things even more comfortable, they also feature a synthetic lining on the inside, something that helps provide you with a snug fit, plus it helps wick away moisture so your feet don’t get too hot and sweaty either. Of course, these are soccer cleats, so the bottom is lined with studs which are ideal for firm natural grounds and they make making quick movements and turns as easy as can be.

Any outdoor soccer field in combination with these particular soccer cleats will definitely result in a winning score. The outsole is also made to be extremely durable to withstand what is the rigorous game of soccer. These things are built to be comfortable and durable, a fantastic combination. Finally, the toe of these cleats is specially formed to provide you with ultimate ball control, plus the sides of the shoes are fairly thin in order to really let you feel the ball.

Value for money

The Adidas Performance Copa Mundial Soccer Shoes will run you around 100 dollars. This is not at all expensive for such a great pair of soccer cleats. Durability, comfort, and great ball control are all aspects that these cleats bring to the table.

Build quality

The build quality of these soccer cleats is absolutely fantastic. Being made of leather makes them about as durable as any pair of cleats can be and that is a very valuable aspect no doubt. These things are great for firm natural ground, they are amazing in terms of ball control, and they have a comfortable inner lining too.


  • Comfortable inner lining
  • Good cushioning and support
  • Durable leather build
  • High quality studs
  • Rugged outsole
  • Inner lining for comfort and moisture wicking


  • Somewhat large

Our Rating

This is yet another great soccer cleat option brought to us by Nike. The Men’s Tiempo Rio III FG Soccer Cleat is a very comfortable option to go with, one that is durable and great for ball handling too.


One of the things that we really like about these particular Nike soccer cleats is that they feature a high-density EVA sock liner, something which helps you out in various ways. First of all, the sock liner helps to wick away moisture and control the growth of bacteria and odor, an obvious bonus for anyone who has ever played a full 90 minute game of soccer.

Moreover, the sock liner also adds an adequate amount of underfoot cushioning, which is great for absorbing impact and for providing you with a fairly soft surface to run on. Also, this sock liner does a decent job at providing you with arch support for a pain free running experience. Finally, this EVA sock liner also does a good job at providing you with a snug fit so your feet won’t move around inside of them too much.

To provide you with even more comfort than ever before, the Nike Tiempo Rio III FG Soccer Cleat also comes with a breathable fabric lining. This helps provide your feet with a good amount of ventilation so they don’t get too hot and sweaty, something that can definitely be uncomfortable.

These shoes do have good ventilation and are pretty thin, but they also have a whole lot of durability which is thanks to the combination of synthetic materials and leather used in their build. We’ve said it before and we will say it again, leather is a great material to go with for any soccer shoe because it is extremely rugged.

The leather is still thin enough to give you a good feel of the ball through the cleats, something that is very useful for precision ball handling capabilities. To increase ball handling even more, the forefoot of these cleats has a special texture which helps to give you great grip on the ball. These things also come with a great stud pattern on the outsole, one which is great for speed and acceleration, and is fantastic for firm and semi-firm ground.

Value for money

Surprisingly enough, these Nike Tiempo Rio III Soccer Cleats will only cost you 50 bucks. That is a great price to pay for a pair of soccer cleats that provide you with great ball control, good traction, and a whole lot of comfort and cushioning, not to mention that they have a durable leather build, all things that make this a very valuable pair of cleats.

Build quality

We have got nothing bad to say about the build quality of these particular soccer cleats. They are made with leather and there is no arguing that leather is one of the most durable materials around. Moreover, these things provide you with unrivaled cushioning, impact absorption, ball control, precision striking, and amazing traction too. Plus, these cleats are also breathable for more comfort than ever.


  • Well ventilated
  • Good for ball control
  • Good for firmer ground
  • Have good traction
  • Great cushioning and impact absorption
  • Some support
  • Durable leather/synthetic build


  • Not ideal for soft ground
  • Fairly weak stitching
  • Very narrow

Our Rating

Adidas definitely know what they are doing when it comes to soccer cleats and it shows because they have multiple spots on this list. The Ace16.4 FXG Soccer Shoe is the perfect combination of light weight, durability, traction, and ball control, or in other words, all of the things you need for an enjoyable game of soccer.


Perhaps one of the best features of these particular cleats is that they have a great stud pattern on the bottom, one that is combined with a flexible ground outsole. This makes the Ace 16.4 FXG Soccer Shoes ideal for firm, hard, and artificial ground. They will let you explode with agility, turning power, and very fast acceleration, or in simpler terms, these things have awesome traction.

Something else that makes these cleats ideal for the game of soccer is the fact that they are extremely flexible. These things shape themselves to the form of your foot to provide you with unrivaled comfort and a snug fit. Your feet won’t move around in these cleats, but your feet will definitely be able to feel the ball through them.

The flexible build combined with the specially designed toe section of these cleats makes them very good in terms of striking and precision ball control. Speaking of ball control, the whole shoe is covered in a special textured pattern which helps them grip the ball, yet another thing we can all appreciate for sure.

Moreover, these things also have a comfortable inner lining that provides for a snugger fit than ever, plus it helps wick away moisture. It also does an OK job at giving your feet some cushioning and support, but not too much. Also, even though these soccer cleats are comfortable and flexible, they are still extremely durable and made to last for multiple seasons on the pitch.

Value for money

40 bucks is definitely an awesome price to be paying for soccer cleats that bring such value to the table. There is no denying that the Ace 16.4 FXG Soccer Cleats provide you with unrivaled traction, agility, ball control, and precision striking too, all things which make these cleats a valuable find, not to mention that they are durable, comfortable, and flexible too.

Build quality

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the build quality of this pair of Adidas soccer cleats. Their durable design is meant to withstand the test of time, their advanced stud system gives you great traction and acceleration, and their pattern on the upper as well as their flexible design makes striking and handling the ball a breeze. Quality is definitely not an issue when it comes to these soccer cleats.


  • Inner lining for a snug fit
  • Decent moisture wicking abilities
  • Great traction, agility, and acceleration
  • Fantastic for precision handlings
  • Quite durable
  • Ideal for firm, artificial, and hard ground


  • Won’t do so well on wet ground
  • Paint job wears off quickly

Our Rating

Yet another fantastic choice of soccer cleat brought to us by Adidas, the Messi 16.3 Soccer Shoe will give you all of the traction, acceleration, ball handling, striking abilities, and comfort that you need for a long and successful game of soccer.


One of the things that make these particular cleats so awesome is the mono tongue design which is specially made to not get in your way as you play. The tongue is also precision engineered in order to keep out turf materials, something which nobody likes happening during an intense game of soccer. There is also the fact that these things are proven to last for years to come, which is thanks to their tough and durable design.

Something else that makes the Adidas Messi 16.3 Soccer Shoe so neat is the Messi FG stud alignment which they feature. This alignment is more than ideal for firm ground or dry natural grass because it helps to provide you with awesome traction, turning power, and really fast acceleration too, all things which you absolutely need if you have any hope at winning the day’s game.

These soccer cleats are also fantastic in terms of ball control and that is thanks to two main features. First of all, these things feature agility touch skin, which means that the shoes are very flexible and instantly mold to the shape of your feet. These shoes fit your feet very well and give you a locked down fit in which your feet are not going to move around in.

This makes them very comfortable and provides for a snug fit, but it also means that you can feel the ball through the cleats so you know exactly where to strike it. Moreover, these soccer cleats also have a specially engineered pattern which helps them grip the ball with ease for precision striking and ball control abilities. The shoes themselves also have a padded collar for increased comfort.

Value for money

For the 60 bucks that you can get the Adidas Messi 16.3 Soccer Shoes at, you are definitely getting a fantastic deal. They provide you with everything you could possibly need to be successful in your next game of soccer. Traction, control, acceleration, and comfort are all things which these particular cleats do very well.

Build quality

The build quality of the Adidas Messi 16.3 Soccer Shoe is quite good indeed. It is a very durable shoe meant to last a long time to come, they have a great Messi FG stud pattern for agility and traction on firm ground, and they do a fantastic job at providing you with excellent ball handling capabilities. Plus, they help keep turf out of them thanks to the mono tongue, and they even provide you with a whole lot of flexibility and feel for the ball too.


  • Flexible – great feel for the ball
  • Texture for ultimate ball control
  • Messi FG stud pattern for traction and acceleration
  • Mono tongue to keep turf out
  • Fairly durable
  • Mold to the shape of your feet


  • Not ideal for soft or wet ground
  • Virtually no support or cushioning

Our Rating

This is a great pair of soccer shoes that comes in at a very affordable price. Even though they are fairly inexpensive, the Dream Pairs Soccer Shoes still manage to deliver a whole lot of quality, ball control, traction, and comfort for both indoor and outdoor soccer fields.


Something that we really like about the design of these particular soccer cleats is that they are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. When wearing soccer cleats you don’t want them to be too heavy because that will definitely cause fatigue when playing, something which these shoes take care of without question.

Moreover, the Dream Pairs Soccer Shoes are rubber molded cleats which have been specially designed for durability. The rubber is extremely durable and built to last for many soccer games to come. The actual studs on the bottom are designed for soft and damp soccer fields and are made to give you a whole lot of traction so you can be the best soccer player on the field.

Also, these soccer cleats feature a lightweight upper that is also very durable and that is thanks to the DP combination which they are made of. These shoes are very durable, yet they also offer a lot of flexibility as well as the ability to feel the ball through the shoes. This makes ball handling very easy and making precision strikes as simple as can be. For even better ball handling, these soccer cleats also feature a fold over tongue to keep the laces flat for a prime striking surface.

The tongue and collar on these soccer shoes are both padded in order to stop them from digging into your feet, yet another comfort factor that they bring to the table. Finally, these things also come with a cushioned insole that does a good job at absorbing impact, transferring energy into your next step, and keeps them feeling like a cloud no matter how long you use them.

Value for money

The soccer cleats are not going to cost you much more than 25 bucks, which is of course about as good a price as you could ever hope for in terms of quality soccer cleats. Good traction, a comfortable insole, a durable design, and a precision striking surface are all valuable aspects that these cleats bring to your game.

Build quality

The build quality of the Dream Pairs Soccer Shoes is very good. They are water resistant and extremely rugged too. Moreover, the stud pattern on the bottom, as well as their size, makes these cleats ideal for wet and slippery conditions. There is also the fact that these things are very comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time, not to mention that they provide you with precision striking ability too.


  • Good striking surface
  • Cushioned insole
  • Durable built
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Great for soft and damp fields
  • Very lightweight


  • Weak lace holes
  • Run too big


As you can see, buying soccer cleats can be a fairly difficult process, especially because you need to consider what your own needs are, what position you are playing, and what type of field you are playing on, not to mention all of the other possible variables. The best soccer cleats are ones that will allow you to play on the field of your choice, play the position of your liking, and will keep you comfortable the whole way through. Ball handling, durability, traction, and comfort are all key aspects that make up a good soccer cleat.

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